Community rewind 2022 👥

Hi folks! :wave:t3:

Hope everyone’s having a great time celebrating as the year is ending :cheers:
It’s that time of the year again!

Jupiter Wrapped 2022

We’ve released our version of wrapped over here - Jupiter wrapped 2022 🚀 - #2 by Lakhan_Suchdev

You must be wondering, isn’t that for the Jupiter app? Where’s the Community version?
That’s where this thread comes in.

This thread is going to be an emotional rollercoaster :roller_coaster:
Takes a deep breath

Community rewind 2022

Most of you wanted a community version. We’ve heard you :ear:t3:

But it’s going to be a rewind instead. Also, a big looooong story :open_book:

After scrolling through endless topics, conversations, and banters, I’m gonna share the top highlights in 2022.

Let’s start :rocket:

1. January

Union Budget 2022
We had discussions on the Union Budget.
@kingzeusvj @Navharsh_Kr @Supswan @villanelle @mohnishom Shared their thoughts on it.

Some of them :point_down:t3:

This is where it all started. From rewards to in app events.

Our inspiration for Savings challenge and QFM perhaps? :slight_smile:

2. February

Savings challenge
Get. Ready. Save! - That was our tagline during Feb. For the older folks, do you remember this? It was our very first gamified experience. The objective was to reward users based on their healthy saving habits.
Link to our super massive thread - Ready. Set. Save! - Savings challenge 🤩

3. March

Tags is live!
Ah yes, this was when tags went live and @nateavi 's constant nudges for a ‘sutta’ category had started. Looks like bills was the most tagged transaction.

4. April

Meme challenge!
This was one hilarious challenge. We need more of this! Yay? Nay?

The best part is, there’s no end date. It’s still running folks~
Check it out here - Meme Challenge: What would your bank account say to you? 🤔

Introduction of Jupiter labs :test_tube:
Probably the best thing about the community right now. Who wouldn’t want early access and sneak peeks before anyone else?

We’re down to 10 lab tests so far! Heard there’s more coming up next month.
New features? What could they be…

Thanks once again for joining us and helping out with the testing! @Jupiterlabs

5. May

Crypto buzz incoming!
Crypto memes all day. All you could see and hear was Crypto this and that.
We even had a meme thread. Here are some of them :grin:

May the 4th be with you!
Star Wars fans, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.
We’ve had an event where you name your very own Star Wars movie. But! It needed a banking theme.

The movie titles were hilarious, we’ve had a winner too! @Bijaysahubs congrats once again :party_parrot:

Read all the titles here - Star Wars Challenge: Name your own movie! 🎥

We hit 1,000,000 hoomans on Jupiter!

One of our biggest achievements. Couldn’t have done it without you folks.

Pssst…Heard we’re close to 2,000,000 in a few days! :cheers:

Fintech news bytes
Our super massive thread started by @Binoy . Probably one of the best threads we’ve got when it comes to what’s trending in the fintech industry and tons of knowledge sharing!
Check it out here - Fintech News Bytes

Lab test #1
Our very first lab test #1 went live! - Lab test #1 - Updated Insights & Networth feature (Account Aggregator support - early release)

6. June

Investments mode activate
And that’s when we started our investment journey.

We’ve had multiple interviews with users, and countless coffee breaks, and thanks to all those who joined us once again! :blob_thanks:

@harpreetvishnoi @Jitender_Singh @Ankit_Singh1 @Aastha The team behind investments. There are more people on the team but you’ve been on calls with mostly these folks :grin:

Lab test #2
Home page got a revamp, this was on labs - Lab test #2 - Home page “Do more with Jupiter” revamp 🏠

Random topics, what’s trending?
This was when we started to speak our hearts out. Bit by bit, we’ve had some of the most random short conversations and threads.

Some of them:

7. July

I remember @Aswin_Benny starting a thread for Why did Jupiter ignore Juno the dog 😂
Tbd, he’s still around but he’s mostly adventuring in space.

Adios, internet explorer

Our legendary browser, you will be missed. Adios, Internet Explorer 🌐

Lab test #3
Investments mode activated - Lab test #3 - Investments on Jupiter (Early release and testing)💰

Lab test #4
Bill payments landed on Jupiter - Lab test #4 - Bill payments on Jupiter! (Bill Payment early release and testing) 🧾

8. August

Sticker challenge!
We had an event where you could show your Jupiter stickers.

Have a look - CCS | Stickers! Where did you stick 'em?

We’ve also celebrated CCS | International dogs day 🐶
and CCS | World photography day 📷

Should we make more? A competition? Yay or Nay :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Lab test #6
Someone say higher interest rates? You got it. - Lab test #6 - Introducing Super Pots!

9. September

Instagram bio needed!
One of our best events - Our Instagram page needs a new bio line! ✍️

Folks had to write a bio for us. The winner gets goodies and their suggestion gets to be on the page for a week or more!
Congratulations @dmyadav once again :party_parrot:

Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 1.08.28 PM

Oh and, we’ve also made a reaction video! - Jupiter on Instagram: "We asked you all to write a new bio for us. Some of you did well, some of you blew our minds away! 🤩 Congratulations, @dm_yadav for writing the best one! 🥳 Go check our bio! ❤️ Stay tuned for more such contests! #LifeOnJupiter #MoveToJupiter"

Lab test #7
The all new payments tab. We had to switch to a modern look - Lab test #7 - Revamped Payments tab! 🛠

10. October

Diwali logo needed for Jupiter!
We’ve asked folks to suggest a logo for us. It may not be picked, but suggestions were taken into consideration and we made our own one in the end!

Here’s some of them:

We liked this the most. Ours were very similar to @Aswin_Benny logo.

Quest For Metal is here!

Our 2nd gamified experience and probably the most hyped campaign of the year.
The Quest For Metal takes the throne for the highest interacted thread for 2022! :crown:

Thanks for starting this @Satyajit_Singh :blob_thanks:

We’re not done yet! Version 2, Quest For Metal - Pro edition is coming next year! Aiming to launch this in the next week, read more on what’s coming up and spoilers - Quest for Metal 💳 - #192 by raj_jupiter

Also, we just got our first metal card sample! Wonder what it looks like? :grin:
Hint - It’s definitely like the picture above.

11. November

Jupiter labs folks are getting more projects!

Lab test #8
Digital Gold goes live! - Lab test #8 - Digital Gold on Jupiter (Early release and testing)✨

Lab test #9
Our AI-driven search bar goes live! -Lab test #9 - Introducing Search Bar on Jupiter 🔎

Which one do you have?

12. December

The final month is here :cry_cat:

Debit Card skins
We’re exploring Jupiter themed debit card skins 💳

The theme selection overall:

Looks like the space theme is pretty famous huh. We got it.
More updates next week!

Community December spoilers and sneak peeks:
We’ll be doing this every month. Starting from this December 2022. Check it out if you haven’t yet - December 2022 | What’s next on Jupiter? 🚀

This would be a better month-on-month update than Our Public Roadmap on Trello 📝

Lab test #10
Automated habits are here! - Lab test #10 - Introducing Habits 🚀

Phew, that was a LOT.
I probably missed a lot , but you folks might remember some of them.

The Jupiter Community has come a long way. If you ask me, in the beginning, the Jupiter Community was just a place to share feedback and address bugs. But over the months, it has evolved so much. It’s now a place to meet new people, get to know their stories, share news and ideas, learn new concepts, test the product with community members, and create memories together.

Now, I invite you to share your story on how you discovered the Jupiter Community and what made you stay :slight_smile:
If you have links to fun topics that didn’t get covered here, feel free to share them below!

Thank you all for co-creating with us.
Looking forward to 2023! :partying_face:

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Happy to be a part of Jupiter Fam. Now let’s kick it up to 2 Mil hoomans!!!

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What a awesome memory :thinking:


That was interesting to read :joy::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I am glad :blush: that logo made by me is on the memory lane …

Thank you …

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The automated report is here! - 2022: The Year in Review