December 2022 | What’s next on Jupiter? 🚀

Hey there! :wave:t3:

Christmas is almost here and at Jupiter, we’re in an endless loop of finding tree decorations and Secret Santa gifts :christmas_tree:. If your end of the year scenes are anything like ours, you know 2022 will be over before we know it.

Ahem. The more-than-usual cups of coffee we’ve been chugging are not because of the cold. It’s because we love to end the year on a high, and here’s a glimpse of what we have in store.

Quest For Metal v2 in the works! 💳

It’s been 2 weeks since Quest For Metal v1 was completed. After hearing all your feedback shared on the Community, we have some thoughts for making the next round even better!

:warning: Spoiler alert :warning:

First up, there’s going to be an element known as a Comet. :comet:
Guesses on what that could be?

After multiple requests, we’ll be having:

  • A leaderboard system. Ranking, perhaps? :1st_place_medal:
  • A lucky draw :partying_face:
  • Major design overhaul :art:
  • Higher chances of winning if you’re PRO :video_game:
  • Mid-game rewards, Jackpots :gift:

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming weeks here.

International Payments💰

International Payments is going to be released in the coming weeks.
You will have the option to send money internationally from your Jupiter bank account!

More sneak peeks on this thread here :eyes:

Pro mode activated! 😎

We’re currently working on making the experience for Pro users much more exciting.
There will be more rewards and benefits along with a :sparkles: revamped look and feel for PRO tab :sparkles:

Stay tuned~

Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 12.54.18 PM

Mobile number change📱

This is probably the most requested feature and we’re closer than ever! Just a few more finishing touches in the works :pinching_hand:t3:
The team is aiming to launch this by 3rd week of December.

A sneak peek for the latest flow here :point_down:t3:

Note: UI, text and flow are subject to change.

Mobile number change

Update on Investments! 📈

We’re coming up with Learn with Jupiter :open_book:

Education modules for how you can start investing! We’re aiming to launch this by December.

Fixed Deposits :moneybag:

Take advantage of rising interest rates with Fixed Deposits on Jupiter. Get assured safe returns of up to 7.75%.

ELSS :moneybag:

Gear up for the tax season. Plan your tax savings by investing in ELSS funds and get a free tax statement for your investments. Coming to the Jupiter app in December.

Tax statements :scroll:

Soon, you will be able to generate and download your tax statements from the app.

Tax statements

Phew… there’s more coming up, but we’ll save that for next month’s update :slight_smile:

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To Co-Creating a Spectacular Banking Experience,


I would like to change my registered mobile number iam not able to login my Jupiter bank account

Should the new mobile number also be linked with Aadhaar? The old number is Aadhaar linked, but does the new one have to be Aadhaar linked?

@Surojit_Ghosh The new number doesn’t have to be a Aadhaar linked number. But you must have access to Aadhaar linked number since OTP will come on that.

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Would the tax report also include whatever mutual fund info I have with other apps linked to my Pan? :thinking:


In the first version, we are including only investments on Jupiter in the report. We are working to provide proofs for investments on other platforms as well soon.

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:grin: Thank you :relaxed:

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Mobile number changing feature is good :new_moon_with_face:

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Please add an option to edit the document details after it showed “Name Mismatch”.
My brother mistakenly entered his pan number and our father’s aadhar number which resulted in a Name Mismatch screen.
There’s no way back and forth

I feel all of this is not required for a number change, it should only be OTP based confirmation like most banks.

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