Community update | January 2023

Hello! :wave:t3:

It’s a new beginning folks. We need to get used to writing 2023 everywhere now.
Hope it doesn’t turn out to be 2022 during a typo:sweat_smile:


So, are your New Year resolutions ready? If you don’t have one yet, it’s not too late!
If you ask me, I’ll be honing my cooking skills this year. :man_cook:t3:

This calls for a new year’s resolution thread! Let your folks know your new objectives and determination for this year! - What's your New Year Resolutions? | 2023

Anyways, we’ve got some product updates for this month.
Here’s the Decembers update if you’ve missed it - December 2022 | What’s next on Jupiter? 🚀

Alien Invasion

You must have seen the blue and pink aliens by now. They have landed on Earth! :alien:
Our On Demand Salary feature will be open to more people~

They are calling for backup. Get ready squad.
We ran a poll a few weeks ago and looks like the pink alien was popular. :thinking:

#justiceforbluealien :pray:t3:
2 new films are in production! We’ll share them here - Aliens Spotted on Jupiter 👽 as soon as we spot 'em.

Quest For Metal - PRO Edition

It’s back! Better than ever.

We’ve introduced:

  • Comets :comet:
  • Jackpots :moneybag:
  • A notice board for rankings :clipboard:
  • More winner count, a lucky draw system, and more! :partying_face:

These were some of the most requested features from our Community members.
We’ve heard you and built it :slight_smile:

Quest For Metal should be available from the second week of January. TBD.

Psst…we’ve got our first sample of the metal card :credit_card:

Metal card sneak peeks

@raj_jupiter will reveal it on the QFM thread next week. Wer are planning a public showcase. Get ready folks!
Here’s the thread for all QFM updates -Quest for Metal 💳

New Year, Start a Habit?

An automated system for pots. This was one of our most requested features.
It’s built and ready to be launched for everyone :party_parrot:

We pre-released Habits for Jupiter lab members so that they get early access. We are open to feedback and suggestions to make this better. Let us know here - (Ongoing) Lab test #10 - Introducing Habits 🚀

International transfers is closer than ever

This month, we will be releasing our latest feature - International transfers.
This will not be a lab test since users won’t be able to A/B test it.

However, we will be sharing early screens and sneak peeks. Stay tuned!
Also, we have launched our waitlist! The first 500 folks to make a transfer will win a luxury travel membership.

Read more here: Win a luxury travel membership in 2023! 🏖

Mobile number change update

We had a successful test last week and it’s about to be live soon.
It did take some time due to some complications, but we’re closer than ever.

The next step is to get a go-ahead from the bank. After this, it will be rolled out in a phased manner. The community will be informed when it’s live. Stay tuned~

Sneak peeks here:

Note: UI, text, and flow are subject to change.

Mobile number change

There will be mini updates along the way, but this should be the major lineup for now.

And as always, to co-creating a spectacular banking experience,
Happy New Year everyone! :cheers:


SuttaTag Gang represent!