Community update | February 2023 📢

Hello friends! :hyper_wave:

January just flew by, huh. That was quick, don’t you think so? :thinking_face:

We’re back again with another monthly update! :rocket:
The team has been working on interesting projects for February.

Feb update

So, what’s in store?

1. Speed is the way 🚀

We added extra fuel to our app :fuelpump: . The team has been working extensively on this.
Speed is one of the most important things when it comes to experience.

What has improved?
Launching the app (Spacefire screen with Jupiter logo) > Biometric > Home Page load > Loading other tabs.

Some sections are WIP :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Settings page (the three-lined button on the top left of the Home Page)
  • The Money Tab

Note :alert:: This upgrade in the app speed performance can be seen from version 2.0.8 onwards.

Keep an eye on the app performance starting next week.

2. Mobile number change📱

Some of you must have seen the update for our mobile number change feature here - Phone number update - Initial testing 📱

@Sharnam_Singhwal and the team had spoken to some of our Community members and tested a few use cases. We came this far because of you folks :smile:

Feature rollout
We have started rolling out the feature in a phased manner and we should be at a 100% rollout in a few weeks. :crossed_fingers:

How is this going to work? :thinking_face:

  • You’ll need to verify your identity through a small video while saying the 4 digits displayed on the screen out loud.
  • Once verified, you’ll have to enter the new mobile number and verify it by sending an authentication SMS.
  • Once the SMS is verified with Federal Bank, you’ll have to enter your MPIN and confirm the update.

Note: Please change your phone number only if you need it :alert:
Read more here.

3. Salary account revamp 💰

Last week, we showed our Community the new experience for our PRO users. We couldn’t ignore the Salary account holders, hence…they too got a revamp! :rocket:

We’ve added more value to new and existing account holders. Here’s what’s new:

  • An option to get free Digital Gold/ opt for health insurance
  • Free Metal Card if the requirements are met
  • 2x referral rewards

Existing salary account holders and new users will see slightly different benefits.
Read more about this here - Salary Account Revamp ✨

4. Quest For Metal PRO Edition 💳

A few days ago, we revealed the official Metal Card design to the Community here - Quest for Metal 💳 - #238 by Shawnpinto
There were pros and cons to our design. Our Community members shared what can be done better.

As for the next steps, the team took the feedback from the thread and it’s been shared with the design team.

Our current design:

We’re evaluating the current design and the changes for it should be seen in future versions of Quest For Metal.

The Community shared constructed feedback, references, and thoughts on how a Metal Card should look while considering Jupiter as a brand. These thoughts made the team happy :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for this!

5. Bill splitting feature on Jupiter. Thoughts? 🧾

Last week, we discussed the use cases of having a bill-splitting feature on Jupiter.
Some of us shared how often they use the feature, the no. of people involved, along with the amounts. Read more here - How often do you split bills? 🧾

This would be a great add-on to have while we’re building some of the basic features.
Would a feature similar to Splitwise be useful while you use Jupiter? :thinking_face:

Let us know your use cases so we can refine this idea better. We want to hear from you!

6. International transfers💰

We’ve launched International Transfers within the Jupiter team (Internally) and the testing is live.

The team is aiming to launch the feature to all users by February.

Currently, you can see the International Transfers icon under the Payments tab and the waitlist should be visible. Join now to get early access!

7. Revamped insights! 📊

Oh? What do we have here? :eyes:
Is that a… pie chart?

We’re trying out a better way to represent our Insights. This should be available from Feb 6th, 2023 onwards.

8. Investments zone 📈

Digital Gold
We’re working on a feature where you can set up Habits for Digital Gold!
Sneak peeks below:

Fixed Deposits coming soon
Take advantage of rising interest rates with Fixed Deposits on Jupiter. Get assured, safe returns of up to *7.25% p.a and extra 0.5% is for senior citizens.

9. New lab test soon! 🧪

Fixed deposits will be live to Jupiter Lab members this week.
Register here - Introducing Jupiter Labs 🧪

:alert: We’ve made a few changes to the structure of conducting lab tests on the Community

  • Testers will have to review the feature in the comments of the lab test thread in a certain manner.
  • A certain no. of reviews will be picked for best reviews and they get rewarded with Jewels.
  • Every lab test going forward will have this format.

10. Priority banking support experience 🙌

We’re researching priority/preferred banking services. The team is looking for Community members to chat with!

This is your chance to share what you think and like about the concept. A cup of coffee and tiny chit-chat might happen as well :coffee:

Register by voting here - Looking for views on priority banking support experience

Apart from the product updates, February is known to be Valentine’s month.
What are your plans, folks? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy Wednesday everyone!


I dig the revamped insights screen. :tada:

Monthly salary credit of 2 Lakhs for a metal card? That’s legit Ambani tier. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Any status update on the dark theme request tho?


Hello Jupiter,

I am going to change my salary acount this month as I informed to my HR department to that they can give salary to me on axis and I have provided information to them , sorry but not satisfied with your service

Thanks & regards

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@Shawnpinto do we have thread for providing feedback on the FD feature roll out? I see that option and have initial observations.

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@yagnesh01 We do have a thread! We’re having another lab test.
Come, share your feedback here - Lab test #11 - Fixed Deposits on Jupiter 💰

It just went live a few hours ago :alert:

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@Shawnpinto thank you. I do see the labs tab on the community home page. I did not see this thread.

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Nothing on Dark Mode yet :crossed_fingers:t3:
However, some of our banners and pages are in darker colours. We’ve been following this style for quite some time now.


Waiting for AI Girlfriend😉 (Need more personalisation)

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I think @Jupiter should Study about Heavy Apps (like Binanace-Super heavy app🥵) To boost app Speed.

I think Binanace Had Splited whole app in many Tabs (like chrome)
(When we want to use “investment Categories” then App should Run that with other Tab (like secondary App but)

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I got just the name!



Good to see Jupiter going places. So much to ponder and look forward to. Bring them on :fire:

I’m more excited for 1, 4 and 7! :partying_face:

Also, 9. Good to see you rewarding community members for their valuable inputs. This should’ve been the case from day 1.

PS: Metal card should be given to all the Community Champion’s as a token of appreciation for their contributions. What say @Jiten @Shawnpinto :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: