Community update | December 2023 📢

Hello Community! :blob:

We’re back with our monthly updates for December’23 :bell:
For this edition, we will have revamps, additional features, and some exciting news for everyone :newspaper_roll:

1. Revamped home page! :house:

The team is currently working on a new UI for our home page.
It has a stacked card style.

You don’t have to swipe horizontally anymore. The Credit Card and Loans tab can be accessed with a single tap.

If you have the new UI, what’s your experience like compared to the older one? let us know in the comments below :point_down:

You can vote for which UI you like better.

  • I prefer the card stack UI
  • I prefer the tabs to be on top separately
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Last week, we rolled it out to 50% of the users and it will reach most of you soon :running_man:

2. Did someone say Widgets? :eyes:

It’s probably a dream come true for some of you so its finally here!
We’ve seen requests by a few members for a widget.

And so… here’s how it would look like:

Scan & Pay -Widget- rounded

Example of the Widget on an Android phone:

It’s live on Android :android: and should be available for most users. If you don’t have this option yet, it should reach you soon :v:

For iOS :ios: folks, we’ll need to wait a bit. (Cries in iPhone :cry:)

Here are other design variations we worked on, like any? Let us know in the comments below which one you like the best!

Frame 1171276946-2
Frame 1171276946
Frame 1171276962
Frame 1171276911

3. On-Demand Salary is now Mini Loans! :moneybag:

Last week, @Naman_Aggarwal shared an update on what Mini Loans was all about.

Long story short, We had to give a new identity to our On-Demand Salary feature.
For more context, check out the thread if you haven’t yet - 🔔 Mini Update: On-Demand Salary is now called Mini Loan

4. Meeting virtually! :speaking_head:

Our Brand and creative team wanted to chat with a few community members virtually and talk about what’s it like using Jupiter.

But! they’re a little picky :eyes:

If you’re above 25yrs and have been using Jupiter in the past 6-12 months, this is your chance to meet the people behind all things visuals and creativity.

Please tell them you need dark mode :pray:

So who’s in? Please drop your vote below:

  • Yes, I’m in! :person_raising_hand:
  • I’m a new user :thinking:
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Once you’ve voted, we’ll reach out to a few and decide on a time and date for Gmeet/Zoom.
Looking forward!

5. Edge RuPay Credit Card when? :credit_card:

We’ve been rolling out to our users in phases and we’re almost there to launch it for everybody! We’ll be sharing some good news in the coming days :v:

Some of our members have already received the card and shared snaps of the kit and the card :eyes:

Thank you all once again for your support and for pushing the team in the journey :slight_smile:

And the year is ending, there are 17 days remaining until 2024!
Did anyone start thinking about their New Year resolutions yet? :eyes:


The widget is 2x2, 1x1 option would also be better.


Yeah widget looks quite big


I liked widget design 2 and 3 and it’d be good to have them in the widget options. But please look at the size of the widget as it takes up most of the screen. It’ll be better if there is an option for a 1x1 size along with the 2x2.

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I’ll believe it when I see it. We’ve been almost there to launch for how many months now? :upside_down_face:

i lost my mobile number so how to open my account newly same number?

To be honest, I prefer the horizontal tab layout over the card stack style. I think It might take a while to fully adjust to the new design. :laughing:

Am I the only one experiencing vibrations when selecting those ‘cards’? How can I disable this feature? :thinking:

As for the widget, as many have mentioned, its size is an issue. It should match the size of the shortcut we get when we press and hold the Jupiter icon and drag the Scan and Pay option. :v:t2:

What are the eligibility criterias for the card?
Min age? Can students ( no income), self employed etc apply?

I think you need a credit score for the card, not sure.

If am not wrong, minimum age is 21 for CSB


@here Guess the card stack UI is winning :eyes:

For those who currently have it, how’s your experience like?

Also, Any Android users who have the new scan and pay widget?

We’re trying to see if a 1x1 layout is required.

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Me :raised_hand:t2:

See the difference, Shawn (shortcut and widget)

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Just got the new stack card UI design, the design is visually appealing. :star_struck: Also makes navigation smoother

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I agree with Saurabh. The new UI is way better than in terms of organising the various offerings.


Card stack UI looks good and widget works fine. :zap:

I think it would be easier to navigate the card stack, if swipe navigation was implemented (Swipe up and down to change cards)


Smallest one Paytm?

I love using jupiter on my iphone. Widget feature is eagerly awaited by me.

I want to use jupiter as my daily driver for upi but some features are lacking. For example, in phonepe and googlepay we get to see different self qr codes and upi id for our different bank accounts makes it convenient to share the qr code corresponding to where one wants to receive money. Could this feature be added.

Additionally, a preference to select different accounts by default to send and receive money would also be good.