Jupiter Widgets for IOS and Android

With the upcoming release of ios 16 there are ton of new features being added to the software.

But my eyes caught the widgets in particular, as a super fan of the jupiter card here is my suggestion/idea:

A simple widget/s for Android as well as IOS where the users can just access a feature easily without opening the jupiter app. :star_struck:

It can be either card setting, UPI , bank transfer etc.

I have read a thread about Nfc payment using phone without the use of card. This option can also be available on the widget!


Hey! :hyper_wave:

Widgets are really cool tbh :party_parrot:
Some quick options to consider:

  1. Money in & out
  2. Scan and pay
  3. Recent transactions (Recent 5 or recent 3) - Depending on widget size.
  4. Balance check/networth - should never be a widget imo. Since anyone can look at it.

I’ve seen widgets in 4x1 and 5x2 dimensions. They take like half the screen sometimes :blob_worried:
Here’s some of our rough concepts - Scan & Pay qr widget for iOS - #4 by Shawnpinto


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3rd one could be responsive like google calender widget… Resizing it should show more rows and must be scrollable…
Scan and pay widget is a really nice one :zap:
Sizes shown on demo is good for me…

Radius in the edges of widgets, is it launcher specific on android or can the app decide… Make edges more iphoneish😂

You’re right! There are some resizable ones too.
Have you seen PayTm widgets? Something like that perhaps? :blobthink:

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I am getting just 3 widgets from paytm… I havent done much transctions… I am getting recent transactions as bubble…

See the widget of gemini in the bottom… It is correct explanation of resizable and scrollable…

Ps: dark mode in phone affects the colour of widgets too :hushed:

My phone’s battery optimisation is too much that widgets on clicking dont do its necessary functions… I know it works by disabling battery optimisation. What about usual people with less hand on such things should the user have a prompt to disable battery optimisation :thinking: (normally very few apps gives such prompt)

@Aswin_Benny This is cool. Thanks for sharing the reference!

A scrollable widget for recent transactions makes sense. But I wonder how often the widget updates the data from the app.

If it’s regular, the battery drain would be massive! :blob_sweat:
I now see why you’ve optimised your battery.

I also think, smaller the data presented in the widget, lower the drainage of power from battery.

We might need to show data on widgets seperately then. Eg: recent transactions is one widget.
Another one is money in (2x2), money out (2x2).


See that refresh button on the top part of gemini? U could do manual refreshing then.

Seperate widgets would be nice


Yeah simple widgets with minimal but important useful options would be very cool!