Widgets for andriod

QR code and Account details sharing widget for android phones.

Hello @Sunny_Kothari,
I personally don’t believe that these widgets are necessary. The QR code scanning feature is readily available on the homepage and can also be accessed easily by holding or pressing the Jupiter App icon from the App menu on Android (just like we do for uninstalling an app). These widgets simply redirect you back to the app, and I prefer to access features directly from within the app itself (this is just my personal opinion).

Regarding shortcuts, You can find more here:

Also, previous discussions regarding widgets can be read here,

Thanks for this, il try using the shortcodes. However, i would also like to see quicker way of sharing account details without going into the app.


There’s one pretty cool trick for scan and pay without opening the Jupiter app.
You can create a shortcut for a specific feature on the app and place it on the home screen.

Check this out - Using quick app shortcuts the real way ⚡

I believe only Android phones can do this at the moment.

For some reason, am not able to create the shortcut for scan and pay, why? :blobthink:

Did you long press on the scan and pay option?
There will be a hover option.

Yes, I did try long pressing the Scan N Pay, nothing comes after that. :frowning:

Strange, could it be an Android version option? Or the UI of different phones? :blobthink:

Thanks Shawn, This worked perfectly fine. Hope there is a faster way to share account details maybe with the help of widgets.

Could be the UI.
I’m using POCO F4 which runs on MIUI and latest android.
Someone else who has MIUI can confirm this.

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No worries. @Sunny_Kothari What’s your current navigation for fetching these details?
The quickest way would be:

Open the app > settings on top left > account details shown on top.
You can click on the share button which copies all the main details of you Jupiter account through other apps or copy it to a clipboard.

Widgets are made for the features which are used frequently.
People don’t share their a/c details frequently that much, so they don’t have this one I think.

To create a shortcut for the “Scan and Pay” option, simply long press on it and drag it outside on the homescreen.