(Completed) Lab test #2 - Home page “Do more with Jupiter” revamp 🏠

Hey everyone! :wave:t4:

We have another lab test for you. This time, it’s the Home Page - “Do more on Jupiter” is a section that has been revamped. We call this Discover 2.0 as the objective of this section is to help our users discover features more easily on Jupiter & give emphasis to new launches.

Edit: New home page is now live for all users! :rocket:

We realised the previous section was monotonous in design, often becoming a blindspot. What we also have here is a smarter logic of banners being dismissed! (the way banners disappear and new ones appear) :party_parrot:

This is live on the app for folks who had enrolled for @Jupiterlabs . Feel free to reach out to us if you can’t see the new design on your app yet.

While you test it out, answer these: :point_down:t4:

  • How did you like the UX?
  • Is the interaction intuitive and smooth?
  • Does it do the job of giving focus to our features?
  • Did you notice anything else? Let us know your thoughts!

We’d love for you guys to test it out!

We also understand that for users who’ve been with us for the longest time, the Home Page experience should evolve differently - more on that in the coming month :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy testing!


I cannot see the new design. How do I enable it?

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I like the new card design, it feels compressed but carries out the information…

Previously cards were taking too much space on homepage and felt more like bloats…

Tried few times, never found any bugs until now…

Suggestion: I would also like to see “whats new on jupiter” cards to look like discover cards… (I am sure that it will be helpful for a new user but i find it repeatative and some what like ads)… Just a suggestion.

Overall the design, animation is sleek too. I like the new update :zap:

Ps: Another opinion is KYC completed card is not necessary andcan be placed it at the last and avoid repeatation


If u are jupiter labs, you can see it. Open and close jupiter app few times.

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I liked the design but I feel few of the action buttons between the balance and recent transactions and the new cards in discover more section does the same job like refer & earn and pots. I’m assuming these cards might change as and when new features are launched.


I really like the new design, looks fresh, and also shows the new features.
For now the card shows the features well introduced, and when new features are launched, this will be really good to show them to users instead of them digging through other options.
But there are still 2 ways to access the Debit Card details & settings. One right below the balance, and second one at the bar below. I think one of them can be replaced by something else.


Hi Ankit,

I don’t see the UI / UX changes for the Discover 2.0 update.

Hi Soumya,
Thanks for the response and the kind words !

You are right, we will be removing the debit card from the Nav Bar below balance, and it will reside in the footer tab part of the ‘Cards’ tab. This was temporary during transition.


Hi Sukesh,
Thank you for the useful feedback. Yes the cards actually cater to multiple features few of which may also be accessible via the action buttons.

We are also thinking further on the action buttons (we call it Nav Bar), how that should evolve as we grow more features. More on that soon :slight_smile:


@VirXatriya Heyo! Lemme get this checked for you.
@vinayakjjw Are you able to view it now? :blob_sweat:


How is it supposed to look?

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Erm… like big scrollable cards. I don’t think it’s visible on your device yet. You would have noticed it right away! Lemme get this checked for you.

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I can’t see the new one.

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Got to admit I love what you guys have done with the rewamp.
It looks much cleaner, a tad transparent and those subtle rounded corners are quite cool!


I was able to see both "Discover More " and "New on Jupiter " cards yesterday. Somehow, today I don’t see “New On Jupiter” section.


Same here .

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Discover more with the Minimalistic card designs for new and unused features. It is the best way to promote the new things according to me. I liked it.

You can also add Do not show again or Hide option on long press. If in any way someone find it annoying he/she can able to hide it. A reference why am I saying this : Click here


Yep. It’d be cool if these “ads” were dynamic. Wouldn’t wanna see the same ad over and over again on a loop.
Let’s face it, these are ads.


Hi Nithin,
Thanks for the responses. Yes these banners are dynamic , they are configured with dismissability logics based on views, clicks, and time.

We try to make sure users don’t feel it’s like “Ads” though :slight_smile: (It it promotional, but hopefully relevant), for us its about finding effective solutions to inform users about new features they can use in Jupiter (Especially since we are early in our product maturity, and releasing new things frequently)



Hi Abhi,
Thanks a lot for your response. Very valid suggestion on the user control options. Acknowledged.

(On the upgrade to pro nudge, that gets dismissed in 15 days or 2 clicks)