Jupiter 2.0 | New Home Page 🏠

Hello everyone!

With the latest app version 2.1.0, we have a New Home Page!
The new version is being rolled out, you should be seeing it soon.

What’s new?

  1. Better access to frequent actions like Send Money, a shortcut to save in pots and be on top of all your balances
  2. More recent transactions visible at one glance
  3. Access to key categories quickly -
  • Account , Loans & Credit Card (Coming soon) in the top navigation tabs
  • Access Investments in the bottom navigation tab
  1. As you scroll lower, you’ll be able to navigate to payment actions and investment actions quickly (1-click from the Home Page)
  2. We have sections in the lower fold, to ensure users are always updated with the best latest rewards/offers
  3. Experience enhancements to make the Home Page Load Fast!

Some snaps of the new home page :camera_with_flash:

Now, it’s your turn :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

We would want you to check out our latest home page. Share your thoughts with us.

Somethings you can try by asking yourself these questions.

  • Button placements, section layout, and positioning.
  • Think about quick navigations for daily use. Are you able to look for the feature that you want right at the start?
  • Test buttons, kill the app > open the home page > check how much time it takes to load

Let’s try to keep all the feedback related to the new home page on this thread.
Thanks all!


Originally sent in (💬) Chit chat

I feel quite dissatisfied with the new homepage look. The balance text lacks the impact I was expecting—it could have been bolder and larger to grab attention effectively. Moreover, there seems to be an excessive amount of whitespace around the balance amount which can be utilized better.

Another issue I noticed is the placement of the search feature. It's positioned at the very top, which makes it quite inconvenient for single-handed use. If the intention is to encourage users to utilize the search functionality more frequently, it should be more easily accessible, ideally within reach of a single hand.

@Shawnpinto Hope these inputs/improvements will contribute to a more satisfying and user-friendly homepage experience.

Adding @gabey14’s feedback here.


Have you received an update with version above 2.0.21 ?

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I actually liked the new Home Screen. Its minimalist approach is fairly appealing to me. Again, that’s my opinion


Is the Homescreen got a revamp? Am I the only who can’t see any updates? :eyebrow:

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Its like this


@saurabh.s , I got the update around 9-10 days back, but that has nothing to do with the small sized balance or add money or investment tab as mentioned by @Abhishek_Ulayil and @specter
By the way, is the loans tab a new addition, or was it already present?

This is my home screen, I got the search bar on Home Page.

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There is an update to this.
You might be receiving it in next few days I think


I find my current home screen design quite appealing, and I’m uncertain why the updated version appears less attractive to me, particularly with the replacement of the search bar with a search icon and the card tab with the investment tab. :expressionless: :expressionless:
I would really think twice now, before choosing the update option.:+1:


Sooner or later the app will force you to update.

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True that. You can run but you cannot hide :face_with_peeking_eye:

He has always been the lucky one.


This UI is not looking good at all tbh.



While they are trying to improve it, the things which are good are being disturbed.

With just some icons on Jupiter, now it’s looking all cluttery and repeating.
Only request is to keep it simple and not complicate it and repetitive.

Kotak mobile app has so many options on it’s home page and yet it looks so good and compact. One can see how cozy it looks here.


I would really like to ask @Shawnpinto to tell the team if they can reconsider this UI. The previous one was much much better.


I hope this is not the home page revamp, the team was talking about.
If this is the one, it’s not at all good and a disaster. The design team needs to have a rethink of it seriously.
We community as loyal users expect Jupiter to come out with the best design and features.


@Ankit_Misra you may want to read the comments from this one and below -


I personally like the layout for its simplicity, less flashy banners and ease of use.

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We’ve moved the comments from the search bar thread to this one.
It’s best if we keep all the home page-related feedback here. Would be easier to access for all of us! :grin:

Also, if you like/don’t like any specific element - Help us by naming the specifics.

Which part could be better, why do you think so?
These assumptions help us decide better.


The new UI looks a bit cozy and confused at the same time :melting_face:But i can see everything we need is organised in a correct way…will be used to it very quick :sunglasses: