New Fi UI no match to Jupiter's clean and simple UI

The UI on Fi money got updated last night for my account.
And it’s worse than before.

It took time to figure out the previous one, and now will again take time for the new UI to grow over me.

Kudos to Jupiter’s Product Management for keeping the UI so clean and user friendly. That’s one of the reasons why Jupiter is my primary spending account.


I second Altaf on this one. The UI and UX on Jupiter is spot on!!


FI App UI is very confusing and i can say, they didn’t brought up any big changes to ui after launching.

Even i can found many bugs till the time but unfortunately they didn’t provide the platform to inform about the bug

That’s why Jupiter is far ahead of Fi Money, because they listen to the community and changes after applying Lab Test.

Kudos to the Jupier Team @Community_Team


Can you post it? i haven’t used FI Money.

Want to see how it looks?:thinking:

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This is the old one.

Will post the new one tomorrow

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This is the new UI.


I haven’t received the update

They may be rolling that out in batches.

I logged in and suddenly saw a new UI.
The experience is horrible though.

It reflects that the thought process was not clear. Also, it does not look like an MVP product, so that we could cut them some slack.

Apparently, they’ll also roll out 3 different types of account plans, were supposed to do it by Feb 26.

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Which is the best?

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For Fi, none.

Jupiter is way better


This don’t look like a Bank App.
Its Looking like Investment Promotional page.

They made it like some newbie App.:sweat_smile:

Old is much better than New one.


Bank App UI Couldn’t be made like this.

You are absolutely right, it’s look like a Betting app

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:joy: :joy: :joy:So Jupiter is far more better than Fi na?

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That’s the new UI? :blob_sweat:
Yikes, there’s too many blocks and banners.

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how you take screenshot in the app

I took a picture from another phone and then cropped it.

Its UI is extremely poor. Feels good to be on Jupiter.

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The only positive aspect of that product is the discounts that they offer, like flat 10% cashback upto ₹200 on Dmart if you shop for min of ₹2000.

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