Survey on Jupiter Account Statement 📄

Hey everyone,
We’re doing a survey on the Jupiter Account Statement. We’re looking to get some ideas, inputs and some feedback.

Please fill this survey out, we’d love to hear from you! If you have any other thoughts you’d want us to know- comment below!

Link to survey - Account Statement


Done :zap::zap: :zap:


Some of the suggested enhancements shared in the community:

  1. Available in other formats. Eg: Excel.
  2. Custom date range
  3. Show insights and top spends (In graphs/pie charts)

Keep adding if we missed any!


Jupiter should adopt a model similar to Fi. In Fi if a peson sends a money in Phonepay for instance I can view it from the Fi app and pay him back in Fi app toward the phonepay upi I’d. This model should be adopted in Jupiter. For person like me who lends and borrows the money especially during emergencies traking and send money to various upi apps becomes difficult. Jupiter could adopt similar modes. Also jupiter should allow investing in mutual funds via jupiter app.


@Shravan Thanks for suggestion!
One of our team members tried this. On Jupiter, we show the same. It’s just that the description “Payment from PhonePe” is hidden inside. If you send the request from PhonePe it does appear on the Jupiter app. You can pay it from there too.

Oh and, we’re also building our investments feature. It will be released to the community first for testing. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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The Account Statement can be made Rich in content by adding a few pieces of information like the category in which we spent and having the note which we entered. (This should be asked to user if he wants by a checkbox while downloading the statement). You can also add charts and graphs to it.

This is much needed as my primary reason to stick to Jupiter is the way it tracks my spending. No other app does it this smooth nor does any other have some feature like it.

So I think Jupiter should focus on this thing to track the spending in real-time.

That’s it! Jupiter is heading in a good direction! Let us make it bigger!

Thank You,
Hardik Goyal.


Louch recharge function

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Sir before transactions and after transaction showing available money in account

Date D C Avl. Bal.
12/6/22 50 5000
13/6/22 5050 5050

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@Arshad_Ali Available Balance before & after transactions is a nice feature to have!

Adding on, it would be better if we can display total debit transactions per day. Currently, we have to manually total it up :blob_sweat:

  1. Need to redesign the app and make it simple for accessing the offers.
  2. The UPI scan feature should be easily accessible as this is the trending methods of transaction.
    3.Make separate sections for Movie Ticket booking,Mobile Recharge , DTH Recharge etc.
    3.Bring more and more audience attracting offers.

@Md_Atahar Heyo!
Welcome to the community :hey:

  1. Ah! Looks like you’re finding challenges in finding the offers in the app. How do you currently navigate it inside the app?

  2. We have a floating button ‘scan and pay’ on the home page. If you’re outside the app, you can long press the Jupiter app icon for shortcuts. There’s another scan QR code button in settings as well.
    How do you currently access this?

  3. For recharges, are you talking about paying for them or are they categories for transactions? :blobthink:

  4. Share some offers that attract you the most! We’ll share it with the team to see if we can bring them :space_thumb:

  1. Make the statement slightly colorful. Use colors such as green or Jupiter’s theme color space orange to show credits and space black for debits.

  2. With transaction ID, can we also get the name of the payee (of VPA and the bank account name) to make a better review of transactions.

  3. You already mentioned:

  • Custom range
  • Different formats
  • Income and expenditure data and their charts and graphs for better insights.

We need an option to download bank statements which are “not password protected”.

Sometimes we need to share it with people like when applying for loans etc.

Can be easily done, just save it again via Print/Save to PDF options.

What i want is not viewing from where it came… what i say is if for example i recive 100 rupees from Mr X on my jupiter account. It will be shown in recent transactions what i want is suppose if i want to return the money send by mr x it should be so simple that when i tap the name of Mr X in recent transactions i should be able to return the money to him. Also there should be a feature that when i tap the name of mr X all transaction done till date with him should appear there. I hope that i am clear. Please feel free to ask for clarifications if you feel. Thankyou

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@Shravan Like google pay?

I really like chat like approch of google pay :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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