Want to make Jupiter a Super app🚀? here are my suggestions 🌟

Here are my expectations/suggestions for the future updates in Jupiter

  1. Downloading statement (with custom dates along with the template of the downloaded PDF should be custom designed by jupiter like Fi did)

  2. Search tool for the transaction history

  3. custom notes for transactions along with the ability to upload custom bill/invoice attachments (I know you need to host some server space but instead you can get the user’s Gdrive access so that the bills/attachments can be uploaded to the user’s google account)

  4. Bring graphical representation to spending analytics which helps the users to visualize their spendings. You can replace the area occupied by “Money-in and Money-out” space for the graph. Even you can add a small switch when the user clicks…the spendings representation changes between numbers and the graph.

  5. Bring in-built bill pay, recharge etc,. (Bharatpay)

  6. Custom rule/trigger based saving/investing (NiyoX and Fi did similar feature)
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  7. Scheduled payments, Bill reminders/custom payment reminders
    giphy (2)

  8. Android widget

  9. Please consider the above suggestions :sweat_smile: Bye for now!


@nfc integration broooo!!! People will join like crazy

Instead of gdrive, there can be restriction on size of upload. Because I would definitely not like to give gdrive access just to upload an image in a particular transaction.

I expect that Jupiter Tie Up With One Card For Fd Against Credit Card Or Pre-approved Card All Over India :sunglasses:if it happens I will Happy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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This is hilarious bro… :joy::joy:

Much needed as well :+1::+1:


I think already federal bank tied up with one card for new product a couple of weeks ago .