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So after long time this is my first post on Jupiter (cause I just registered on Jupiter a week ago, as an existing federal customer i was late to experience Jupiter)
I searched community before posting this and you’ll find some points that are requested by many, many times here and I just combined all here.

Here we go…

  1. Download statement from app itself (monthly basis)
  2. Customised debit card ( metal) or with some cool stuff on it (free/paid)
  3. Recharge & bill payment.
  4. Integration of bullet and jupiter in single app i.e. Jupiter
  5. Filter option in transaction
  6. Screenshot (if a payment got failed)
  7. Complete txn id for third party transfer (for transfer from jupiter app it show completed txn data but for transfer made from 3rd party apps it cannot show’s complete txn id it shows … So it can be improved)
  8. Credit card for user’s having good credit score and MAB in account (if possible)
  9. Scan and pay (Floating option like paytm)
  10. Settings option in jupiter app can be replaced with help section and vice versa.
  11. Payment option in app can renamed as transfer and all txn details should be there instead of homepage for better view.
  12. Upi and bank transfer are in payment options and own qr (settings) are at payment tab homepage.
  13. Jupiter and bullet dark UI
  14. Customised upi handle
  15. More minimilastic icons
  16. Credit score (I think it’s already in Jupiter now)
  17. Debit cum credit card.
  18. Offers on homepage (scroll view)
  19. Wave feature to see balance (from niyo)
  20. Some more cool changes to app…

Hope some will be implemented to app in coming days.
Tagging some of the members to share this with the team so that this will not be discussed topic only.
@Jiten @Bankofthefuture @Shawnpinto @sneh.baxi @Chirag_Heda


@Imashish This is really well detailed. Sharing it with the team, thanks for this. :see_no_evil:

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Multiple statement options should be available like monthly, latest 6 month, custom date picker as well as last financial year for tax purposes.

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