Payment tab gets a revamp 🛠️

What do you think about the current payments tab? A.K.A transfers tab.
We’re rethinking this whole section.

We have seen a good amount of feedback from other topics. If there’s anything that you’d like to highlight/ add more feedback on payments tab, let us know on this thread! :slight_smile:



Change the UI of your application :+1:

What kind of changes do you wanna see? :thinking:

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are bill payments options coming to the app ?

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If i am a developer in jupiter i will change everything the whole UI/UX.

Yeah but i am not a developer so i can only suggest. You must give option to choose the theme what user like 2/3 theme black,green, etc i know its difficult but not impossible. app is still slow. Some features is not in their right place.


Most of the app is rather slow and no dark theme.
Payments tab feels fine. Except that I haven’t been able to make bank transfers.
I had to transfer from pot to jupiter account and then to another bank account to make that payment. 3 days and still no solution offered by Jupiter. Wont be able to make payments through jupiter in future as well.

Infact, there was another thread on the community with the exact problem before I posted. I wonder if that one is solved yet.

So, the greatest problem with payments tab is it’s usability.


I would like to have an option for self transfer. Jupiter is my salary account and this is something I have to do every month. ( I have to use PhonePe for this)

Could there be an option for the list of people being displayed on the upi tab just be the people you added instead of recent transactions ? If I want to see recent transactions I could go into the upi trasactions tab.

A place for my QR code like my UPI ID has a place in tab ?

The font on my phone screen looks small ? It’s readable but looks a bit out of place I think


Hey @stuffy

We understand your concern and we regret the inconvenience caused to you in this regard. We are connecting with you over the DM to assist you further. We shall make sure that your issue gets sorted soon.

Thank you.

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It’d be cool if Jupiter can guess and suggest the most probable UPI ids I’d be picking depending on certain factors.

For example, I’m home. I need to transfer money to Person A. I’ve done it before. Jupiter recognises the scenario, and presents the most likely UPI contacts in the recent payees.

Here’s another; suppose I’m at a grocery store. Jupiter recognises the previous transactions made. Recommends that particular UPI as recent payee (well at least prominently amongst the other recents), and with the payment complete, auto tag kicks in.

As of current affairs, the recent payees tab is a hit or Miss for me. And it can do so much better!


Add self transfer option on jupiter and also introduce netbanking for jupiter users on federal bank

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Hey everyone,
I am Nikhil Yadav, working as Product Designer in Jupiter. I am responsible for designing the payments experience. So happy to see so much feedback shared here. Thanks for the suggestions.

We aim to answer most of your questions with Payments tab revamp, especially simplifying the payment experience and providing features like Pay to contact/Self transfer. I have shared these thoughts to my team and we’ve already started adding them to our roadmap. I can’t wait to ship these features.

I would also love to know if you’ve any suggestion around how can we simplify payment experience more.


Hey Nikhil,

It would be great to have Pay to Contact feature. Just wondering if you guys can also enable some other fully qualified payment addresses (as given in the UPI Specifications).

Specifically, the IFSC & Account Number Combination Resolver

This alongwith Mobile Number Resolving
enables a whole lot of possibilities!


Firstly, please introduce Dark mode
Secondly, the app is still talking much time to opening in good internet connection.


The UPI ID has Mobile Number.

ie : mobilenumber@jupiteraxis.

Kindly Allow us to choose the UPI ID ourselves for privacy reasons.

Thank You!


Hello Tapan!

We would request you to refrain from putting out your personal information on a public platform, due to your own privacy and security. Also, we are happy to let you know that changing UPI ID option will be coming live soon! Please stay tuned!


Hi Bhoomika, This is not my mobile number.

It’s a random one I typed! Thanks for the concern though.


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Add bill payment options

It would solve our problem to use another app for it

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valid point @Tapan_Bhatt

One feature of jupiter takes 5-6 months to go live so forget about this and wait for long time. use Fi they dont use your mobile as UPI ID

Cool. Can’t wait for it to go live. Hopefully we get early access to grab our usernames :wink: