Edit/delete payee in Jupiter

There should be the facility of editing/deletion of added payee UPI payee or account payee.

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@spmajumder We do have an option to delete them! You need to swipe them to the left. (Yes, not many know this - We’re changing that :see_no_evil:)

Currently, if you make a payment without adding the payee, you will not be able to delete it. Only added payees can be deleted. We are changing that so that users will be able to delete any payee.

We’re revamping the whole payments tab and experience. Let us know what you think should be changed! Check this out - Payment tab gets a revamp 🛠️


I think we should have transaction filters. like its hard to find a transaction among lot of transactions. so Filter helps to find a specific transaction. number of transactions from certain accounts.

example rents. just to know on what date we transferred rent in a certain month of the year, filter thing helps.

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Try tags! You can tag your transaction as rent and head over to insights. Filter the option to rent, and the transactions will show up.

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