Suggestions about 'recently payed'

In the payments tab there is an option of recently payed…

:zap: It is difficult to understand who are the payees. I tried opening it and I could see an option to pay them and not much info about them

:zap: Need an option to remove the upi payees (I found option to manage payees to remove payees that i added with ifsc and account number)

:zap: I liked the approach of gpay in which clicking on the payee button would show all the transactions i had done with them like whatsapp chat… Would be useful if i had to pay someone regularly (like my broadband operator)

:zap: while clicking on the name at the top bar it should some information about the payee

The second payee on the image is actually a temporary ID that was generated to add money to my Fi account. whenever I click on it shows a message to go back to home. No way to remove it.


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@Aswin_Benny :hyper_wave:

This is WIP. We should be able to edit payees, see more info, and payee removal. We don’t have a shareable timeline yet but we’ll update it on our Lab test post - #7 when it comes.

Just like how we did self transfer earlier.

Thnx … I liked the link that is sent to the payee via sms. Saying amount is payed :heavy_heart_exclamation:.

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Yes recent payees group in this section is annoying. Please remove it and add a pay again button under transaction details.

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