Illogical manage payee section

Under manage payee section of bank transfers I can’t able to delete some payees which I no longer needed. And there’s no search option.

This issue was reported back when Jupiter opened access to Android users via support. Till now this issue was not resolved.


Here’s the video showcasing the problem. Link - IMG_1740.MOV - Google Drive


Currently, if you make a payment without adding the payee, you will not be able to delete it. Only added payees can be deleted. We are changing that so that users will be able to delete any payee. We’re aiming for this to be changed in 3-4 weeks.


thats great to know!! when are you aiming to replace transaction time with transaction description in summary or in all transactions ? that would be super helpful.

Better this update come soon. Because this same exact reason was told by one of the support person months back.