Jupiter Beta Feedback

This is a minor feedback with regards to Money Transfer. I wanted to transfer my rent to my Home owner. I went ahead and added my Home owner’s account in Jupiter and the same started reflecting with the name given by me.

However the issue is that I am unable to confirm the account entered is correct or not. There is no option to check the account details of the Payee or edit the account details of Payee. [Unless I am unable to find the same]

This is required feature atleast initially when you first onboard a new payee to confirm if the account details are right

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there is option manage payees in transfer screen. our team can guide you there @Vipul_Mehta

We have an option to manage payees.

You will be able to find it in the kebab menu (Three dots) opposite ‘Send Money’ in Bank Transfer under Payments tab.

Please let me know in case you are unable to find it.

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Hi @Vipul_Mehta, I recently happen to face the same issue.

I wanted to share the bank details of one of my payee. When I select the “manage payee” option, I can only see the payee’s bank name & the last 4 digits of the account number & a “pay” option right next to their name.

But what I want to be able to see is the complete bank account number and IFSC code. In short, there is no option to edit the payee details.

I might not know the right feature or settings too. Can you please help me with that?

As per my knowledge

At present there is no certain option to edit the payee . Once the payee has been added you cant see the payee bank account number / ifsc .

What you can do is add nick name for payee or delete the payee .