Payee payment history and payee details edit

Can you add transaction history to saved upi and bank transfer payees. Other UPI apps have this feature?
Another missing feature is the ability to edit beneficiaries.

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Payee edit option is very much needed
there should also be option to delete a particular payee

You can delete an added payee. @Krishnendu_Chowdhury @Jupiter_Maddy
Head over to settings → Payment settings → UPI or Bank transfer payee. (Swipe the payee to the left). you will be able to see 2 options, change nick name or delete payee.

The delete option is only visible for added payees, and not for quick transfer payees.
Oh and since we have to go all the way to settings for this, we’re planning to have a long press feature for the recent payees on the payments tab. Soon, we’ll be able to edit/delete payees better.

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