Unable to edit or delete payees

I came across something very strange. So, sliding on the Payee to left brings up the edit and delete buttons. But I am not able to slide on 2 out of 3 payees I have.

I have 3 payees in “Bank Transfer”. I am able to slide to left on the first payee and it brings up two buttons - Edit and Delete. But no matter how much I try, I am not able to do this sliding action on rest of my payees- nothing happens, it neither slides nor brings up the buttons.

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Hey @Arjun_Salyan Did you add the other 2 payees by yourself? If yes, most likely you won’t be able to remove it for now.

Check this out - Edit/delete payee in Jupiter - #2 by Shawnpinto

I added all three of the payees myself - in the exact same manner.

A bit confused, here you say I won’t be able to edit if I add them myself. But in the referenced post:

Anyways, I added all three in the same manner, so should not expect different behaviour. However, the two payees which are not working were created some time back. The one which is working fine was created recently.

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I’ve still same issue, I had contacted 3+ month ago
they took 15+ days to confirm that " only added/beneficiary can be deleted, not recently ( even too old is still there in recent) transferred one”.

Jupiter need to resign this portion in app.