List of Ideas and Features I wish in Jupiter

Some bunch of features I wish my favourite app jupiter also should have;

  1. Jupiter Net banking.

  2. Aadhaar Enabled Payment Services like cash withdrawal, Balance inquiry etc.

  3. Direct Benefit Transfer.

  4. Self transfer (money transfer within linked accounts with jupiter).

  5. Disposable Prepaid Relodable Cards with full control to use it on buying softwares etc and sharing with friends or family if sometime they need.

  6. Payment confirmation using fingerprint.

  7. WhatsApp Banking.

  8. IVR / Mobile Banking (not must have feature).

  9. Pay to Contacts.

  10. In-app service and utility bill payments with attractive offers and cashbacks.

  11. More attractive referal program.

  12. Better placement for scanner to pay and QR to receive payments quickly and more efficiently.

  13. Virtual gift cards (in seperate gift features section) and donate section.

  14. A whole Investment section for SIPs and stocks.

  15. Tax related features.

  16. A service to track cheque, cancel cheque, request chequebook like debit card management services.

  17. Auto pay using UPI.

  18. Auto sweep to jupiter FD Pot facility .

  19. Desirable DP in Jupiter (I don’t want to see my aadhar pic anymore).

  20. Edit or remove payee details.

  21. Round off expense money near 10, 50, 100 and save the change in selected pot or FD pot.

  22. A collateral Jupiter Credit card 95% limit against FD in jupiter pot (interest rate of FD pot should be 6.5% - 8%) . FD should be redeemable at anytime without any maturity at Rs 0 charges providing temporarily block the card on breaking the FD pot. Credit card with emi conversion (sometimes no cost) and interest free credit for some days.

  23. Dark mode.

  24. Edit Email and mobile number.

  25. Pay to UPI Number (no boundation to use multiple apps)

  26. Last and final for now, a dedication and customer satisfaction with profitable business :slightly_smiling_face:

I will edit later if i have to add or remove somthing. I know it’s too much long list :sweat_smile: but there are plenty of time because I am not going to time bound the team. I know that team is also many of features already :smiley: as I saw on Trello.


When Jupiter has given you a lifetime free debit card than why do you want Pre-paid card?


Sadly to inform you that this will need 2030 to get fulfill this big list

Because Concerned Team is busy on earning money and they do not have time to take care of all of these.

Relodable prepaid virtual cards used for safety purpose on new site (like buying a software) and these card used by family and friend sometime they need and we can’t say NO. :smile:

Use this app you don’t have to share the card details

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Everyone wants to make profit but i admit list is long. its ok till 2025 btw…

You will understand my problem soon once you get the point😏 till then enjoy.

use now problem later.

Thanks for you help. It helps. But I wish these multiple features including this at one place in near future.

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Hope I will get your problem soon but not for now.

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@0Abhi0 This is a big list! We’re happy that you’d want to have some of these features at Jupiter.
Lemme help you out with updating some of them. Also sharing a few reference links.

  1. We’re considering this one when we’re revamping the payments tab.
  2. Not picked up yet. We need more use cases for this.
  3. Will be picked up during payments tab revamp.
  4. Jupiter updates over WhatsApp, yes. Not sure about banking though.
  5. Payments revamp.
  6. Bill payments is picked up and is currently in build mode.
  7. A new referral program is out, but in a phased manner - More invites and a new referral system! 🙋🏽‍♂️ . Share your thoughts here.
  8. Give us suggestions! @0Abhi0 , and also check out - Improved QR code scanning experience 🚀
  9. Investments is in build mode! We’ll see this in Mid may or the end. Also, check this out - Building Investments on Jupiter | What do you think? 🛠️
  10. Cancelled digital cheque is being worked on. Need a few approvals from the bank.
  11. In the bucket list!
  12. Not picked up yet, but we’re considering this.
  13. This will be considered along with payments tab revamp.
  14. Similar to niyo’s feature. How often do you use this?
  15. Ah yes. The most requested feature! We’re working on this, but screen by screen. More details soon :slight_smile:
  16. This is being looked into and WIP. Currently on the priority list.
  17. Considered in the payments revamp tab.
  18. :100:

Woooh! Team is already working and going to work on most of items from my wishlist.
Coming Soon!:smiley: