Some Jupiter app suggestions

After been using jupiter daily, I have some suggestions which will make jupiter more good.

1. Option to change profile or account holder photo
When I opened account in jupiter, they used photo from my aadhar which was very old of me for profile photo. There is no option to change it. someone may thinking is it much important. It will be a great issue if someone has to submit digital passbook for official purposes.

2. Option to rename pot name and add notes
I use lot the Pot feature in jupiter. It is a great feature for me. But sometimes when I have to change plan while saving, I have withdraw amount or destroy pot and create anoter pot for it. There isn’t any option to rename the existing pot. Also the option for adding simple note for each pot will be helpful especially when someone has more pots. It will be helpful to add notes about saving plan.

3. Option to pay bills even after due date
This month when tried to pay electricity bill in which its due date passed, it says “you cannot pay this bill anymore because it is past due date”. While other payment apps including paytm, amazon pay, g pay allow users to pay bills even after due date, why not in Jupiter?

I hope jupiter team will take good steps and make this features available soon


Hi @Hasil The first two suggestions are on the roadmap list of Jupiter.
The third suggestion is really helpful. :v:t2:

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