Add FUNDS via debit card feature request

Jupiter is a super feature rich app and by adding this feature of adding funds via debit card with no restrictions will make it more valuable.


All community members, Please provide your opinion on this

I’ve got a question.
Don’t we need a wallet system for this?

Or is it like another option under Deposit Money - Add money via Debit Cards (External)

yes its like another option in deposit money. we don’t need wallet.
currently it’s available in airtel payments bank.

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I see!
What’s the benefit of adding funds via a Debit Card? We could also do it via UPI or Bank Transfers and these are the most used methods at the moment.

Just trying to understand your use cases and need! :grin:

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UPI does have a limit of 1lakh INR. What if I’m a baller who wants to load in a few more lakhs in one go with my swanky new Debit Card?

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i just want to see Jupiter most feature rich and to be above the competition.
And i actually use debit card to add money it gives points pn debit card of some banks.

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@nateavi You’re a legend already :sunglasses:
@srbh.gngwr Ah! That makes sense.
Technically it’s like getting points from cross platforms since you’re using the card. Interesting.

yeah u got it.
expecting the feature soon

To add money via Debit card Jupiter will need a payment gateway like payu, cashfree, razorpay, paytm, cc avenue etc. Just like your example airtel payments bank that is having gateway of razorpay and others like kotak 811 has payu.
Actually these banks which are having this gateways are paying around 2% charges for all the dc transactions, to the payment gateway companies.
So it’ll be very costly feature for them to provide. @srbh.gngwr

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yeah they may add it later.