Add credit card in the money feature

We need a feature to add credit card (like bank accounts) in the Jupiter money app so that it can truly become a expense tracking app for people, which is absolutely a need for people. Can make it exclusively for pro account holders.

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@pallavpatodia this is definitely a good suggestion. Having said that Jupiter is ideally a Neo Bank and not really an expense tracking platform.

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Maybe if RBI brings AA to credit accounts as well then we might see that feature implemented.


Dear @pallavpatodia , The concerned team has already noted your suggestion. I think you might have missed the response

Also, there have been similar requests here in the community. You can read the response by the team here:

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Normally I would agree, but the whole point of the Money feature of Jupiter is to provide overview of expense management to its users. So adding credit card to this makes a lot of sense.