Could Jupiter have a credit card bill payment system

Jupiter app has always been inclusive as a bank account, like even though it is a bank account, it lets you track your other bank accounts and gives you insights about spending.
I also think the credit card is in build mode as well.
So someday jupiter will have to implement a way to pay the credit card dues.
My idea is why not generalise it for other credit cards as well. This way we can have best of both worlds.

Reasons for feasibility:

  1. There is a huge customer base, which could be interested in this feature.
  2. There is an existing reward system of jewels, so it could be reused.
  3. There is the credit card bill payment feature using BBPS for two banks. But it is not rewarding in any way.
  4. There is gift cards, digital gold which can be alternative forms of rewards redemption or simply redemption as cash.

Another factor is User engagement, bill payments usually happen once a month for each credit card, so users engage less with the app, that is why CRED has so much stuff other than credit card payments.

Jupiter being a neo bank does not have to worry about engagement, there is a lot to do on the app already, feeling bored create a super pot, Check how is the FD doing, Check out spend analysis, etc…
Thats my point of view, what are your thoughts about it.


It’s already there but very few cards are available and there is no rewards or anything…

Payments tab> pay bills button

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Yeah but there is no rewards.