Can we have the option to deposit money using Debit Cards?

If we can have the option to add money from a debit card then it’ll be very easy and convenient for us other than UPI as off now.

Presently only Kotak Bank allows us to add money using debit cards on its app.

Hope Jupiter too enables the same feature in the near future…

Adding money through debit cards! That’s interesting :thinking:
But don’t you have to deposit money into the card in the first, you’ll be taking it out multiple times.

This will act as a physical wallet tbh (Since the card is real) but used digitally :exploding_head:

I was talking about existing money which I already have in the other bank, so using Debit Card I can transfer that money into my Jupiter account. Sometime it is very much helpful in variant situation to add money using debit card instead of using UPI…

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Ah gotcha. Makes sense.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Allows to load money using debit card.

yes, that’s what I found only from one bank out of the rest…

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