International Transactions for Debit Card possible?

I am going to the UK for a few days. Can I use my Jupiter debit card over there? Can I also use it to withdraw money? Asking because of the new RBI regulations on international debit card earlier this year.

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Yes, you can


@Rishabh_Manoj please make a note if you are not a pro user, then you DON’T get zero Forex charges.

If you are a pro user, you get zero Forex fee upto Rs.25000.

And if you are a salary user, you get zero Forex fee upto Rs.1 lakh.

I wanted to ask if I can use Jupiter app for creating & destroying pots & FD&
it’s UPI feature in abroad to send money to someone at home or for self transfer

I believe there shouldn’t be any problem as long as you have access to the app and a functional SMS plan for verification. I say this because many of my friends send money to me via Gpay or Phonepe from aboard without any issues.

I am not sure about this. But won’t the NRI account come into effect here?

Does Jupiter offere NRI banking?

How would you transfer the money from your foreign account into Jupiter?

I think PhonePe work only if I use vpn outside India &
For Gpay , I would have to send sms many times for adding or reactivating my UPI which will be too costly
Whereas in Jupiter, I can use UPI for all my bank accounts as well as Pots & other features of Jupiter with single sms
thanks for response