Using jupiter internationally

I am going to UK for my studiesā€¦Iā€™m thinking to add some money in my Jupiter account so that I can use it abroadā€¦ Can I use Jupiter app abroadā€¦ My sim card will be changed once I reached thereā€¦ Can I still use Jupiter app

If sim card is changed, app wonā€™t work on Android phones

Jupiter will wonā€™t work!

By the way i have some uk based neo bank like. Monzo,Revolut,Atom etc etc

Which one is better bro .suggest meā€¦ Low chargesā€¦like Jupiter ā€¦

Niyo Global will be better choice .


Thanks alot my friendā€¦

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You can use MakeMyTrip 0% Forex card but the limited time offer is running you will get card for free at your doorstep but after offer gets over then they will charged 499+GST

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