No Forex Markup fee on Jupiter (Non-Salary, Full KYC) Account?

Hi! I would like to know as of 2022, are zero forex charges applicable for a regular full-KYC account in Jupiter? If yes, is there a limit on the amount of funds till which zero forex is applicable or is it like Fi (where you get unlimited zero forex markup)? If the latter is true I might consider going for Jupiter…

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Hey @theaaradhyachauhan,

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Can you please answer my question?

Hey @theaaradhyachauhan

Sure. Hope the below information helps.

  1. For Savings( regular) account, there is 3.5% forex charges on all international purchase transactions.
  2. For Pro account, zero forex charges on spends up to â‚ą 25,000 per month.
  3. For the Pro salary account, zero forex charges on spends up to â‚ą 1,00,000 per month.

Kindly note there is 3.5% Forex Charges on international spending beyond the above-mentioned limits.

We will be glad to have you onboard. Thank you!

So we can use the Jupiter card in foreign countries?
And we can use it to withdraw local currency via ATM.

So, with no concierge services and lounge access (some of the main benefits of VISA Signature Cards) while also applying forex markup charges, don’t you think Jupiter is way inferior to Fi Money, even though Fi just offers Platinum cards but with far superior benefits? Platinum cards don’t have concierge or lounge access, but Fi well compensates this with absolutely zero forex markup (with no limits), while offering banking from same partner. How do you think Jupiter can match up to this?

Hey @tarun_rao

Yes! you can use our Jupiter card to withdraw cash outside India :slight_smile:

Hey @theaaradhyachauhan

We do understand. However, we are definitely working on a better banking experience and we hope to exceed your expectations as there’s much more in store for our Patrons :slight_smile: