Forex charges

Hi Team,

Since I am a noob in the payments/banking sphere, I have a doubt about international debit card spends (on international websites).

My assumption is based on what I read about Jupiter’s forex charges.

Kindly let me know if the user journey is correct:

  1. I spend USD 100 or AED 250 (or any other foreign currency) on an international website.

  2. I have a Pro account, so theoretically I will not be charged any forex charges (upto ₹25,000).

  3. The charges will be calculated as per VISA conversion rate:
    ExchangeRateComp | Visa

  4. During the transaction, Jupiter will deduct amount equal to (Calculation of Step 3 + 3.5% forex charge)

  5. After a week the forex charges will be credited to my account (assuming spend is less than ₹25,000).

Also, is there any other kind of charge(s) levied, that I may have missed?

CC: @Shawnpinto

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@AltafParkar You’re right! That’s the right process :rocket:

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