Cross currency markup on Debit card

What will be Forex mark up fee on Jupiter Debit card?

Hi Rahul. The forex markup fee will be in line with prevalent industry standards.
To sweeten the deal, you will get accelerated rewards on international purchase transactions.

Make Forex 0% please, same as NIYO

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Fi is also providing 0 Forex mark up…


Yeah. Forex markup should be made zero. Fi is providing 0 forex markup. Or either provide an option for a different debit card/credit card with 0 forex markup fees. I regularly transact in foreign currency and would benefit from 0 markup fees.

@divprn Jupiter is providing 5% cashback on international transactions for 3 months. Use it till then and after that you can use other cards which provide 0 markup.

@goneo According to perks shown in verified customers, 5% jewels for international spend is for always once kyc is completed. Correct me if I’m wrong. @sneh.baxi