Zero Forex Markup

I just noticed that Jupiter has stopped giving 5% Cashback on international transactions but has made them free. Is this a temporary policy change or it’s zero forex markup forever.

If this change is happening, I am really considering to close my Fi account.


Changed. Benefit of competition I guess.


@Shawnpinto Is this true? Can you confirm this?

If yes, wish Jupiter had done this 15 days back… I wouldn’t have opened Fi account. :frowning_face:


This is true. Sad part is that our earlier offering was more powerful but consumers didn’t understand the benefits well. So we made it more simpler now


This will continue . We might introduce few limits in future on quantum.

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can you explain the limits that you are considering, because this particular decision by Jupiter is making me consider to close my Fi account and I really don’t want to regret on that.

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Thanks @Jiten :slight_smile:

I agree that the rewards (Jewels) was good. But with restricted categories (qualified purchases), it was getting very confusing. This is simpler indeed.

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@Jiten @Shawnpinto
The new offer is simpler and should be more marketable
but even then I feel Jupiter is not doing good enough ‘promotion/marketing’ of this superb Zero Forex Mark-up offer
It should appear in the front of home page as well as rewards page instead of being hidden under explore more within rewards page


Could someone shed some light on the currency conversion charges?
For example if 1 USD = Rs. 75 (assuming that), and I spend $100 USD through the Jupiter card, approx. how much would it cost in rupees?

Thanks a lot Divy! That’s way better than what I’ve been paying through Kotak, PayTM, and Paypal. Gotta try this out.


I like the new change better. Earlier you’d be charged 3.5% and get 5% back, essentially gaining 1.5% but I also have a NiyoX bank card which offers zero markup and I preferred that because it’s simpler. Also, I feared if Jupiter ever changes their rewards policy, I’d have to change the card on all my subscriptions back to NiyoX so I just kept using NiyoX card. If I can be assured that Jupiter won’t change the zero markup policy, I’d be willing to switch to Jupiter card for all my subscriptions

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@Jiten @JupiterTeam As Neelesh pointed, I am too ready to switch my Software, Cloud Storage, VPN Subscriptions etc. which charge in USD yearly to JUPITER Debit Card. I can get rid of an credit card from this yearly subscriptions. I’m fine with maintaining a good balance in account if that can provide zero forex throughout the year. What’s your view on providing zero forex if a decent balance in maintained in future?

We will have this benefit continued. As I said, we might have certain limits on basic account but no limits for premium account. Exact definition of premium account would be introduced in 4-6 months. But it won’t be onerous


This makes sense i hope it won’t be a lot(MAB) and a decent interest on savings and auto sweep fds are available to ensure bothe Jupiter and consumers are happy in the end.

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Hi! I would like to know as of 2022, are zero forex charges applicable only for pro salary account or normal (KYC verified) account too?