Jupiter Savings Account Basic info queries


I would like to know following informations


Debit card comes with Zero Issuance & Annual fees?

What’s the forex markup rate? Zero?

Where I can see the SoC?

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Yes it’s a zero balance account.
Debit card comes with no cost it’s lifetime free.
Wait for an official update on forex markup charges.


Jupiter is expecting customers to keep ₹25K+ in order to enjoy all the features they are supposed to offer.

That’s a different things. The account is zero MAB

Any other charges like SMS charges?

Hey Ashish, not sure how did you get this information.

But @piyush just clarified to us here about the FCY on Jupiter Debit card


Done with the edit. My bad this time!

It’s Federal Bank Account with 2.5% savings a/c interest rate p.a…
Now compare with the following:-

  1. SBI: 2.7%
  2. HDFC: 3.5%
  3. Kotak : 4%
  4. IDFC: 4.5%

Why do I need a Federal Bank account?

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@sneh.baxi Any update on forex markup charges ?

This is how 1% Cashback and Free Debit is attained.
That’s why low interest rate, also, this operates similar to Current Account.

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Same I want to know. No not giving SMS alert charge details

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That’s right. You don’t need. Why bother?

Savings Accounts aren’t really the best way to earn money and the interest paid aren’t that much either, but if you really want to earn the highest interest then something like Equitas or Ujjivan should be your options.