Depositing Money in Account through ATMs/Cash Deposit Machines

There are many people who don’t have any other bank accounts and also don’t have UPI and some don’t have balance in other bank accounts but have cash (like very small businessmen). So they face difficulties in adding money to their Jupiter Account (which only supports deposition through UPI).

So I feel it would be better if Jupiter ties up with SBI which has a large network of Cash Deposit Machines across the country to enable people to deposit their money from the ATMs through Jupiter Cards.

I am not suggesting Federal Bank because it’s branch and ATM Distribution is really bad. For example- Federal Bank has only one branch and ATM in my district (35kms away from where I reside).

Please look into this matter ASAP @shawnpinto


I have one confusion Federal bank ATM is not available in my address but weekly their Van with Federal bank Logos and all comes to fill money in ICICI Bank’s ATM :thinking:

Sounds like a heist recon.

Rohit Shetty’s Army of the Fed

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