Jupiter Card not working in federal CDMs for deposits

I have an account in both federal and jupiter. I used federal cdms to deposit my cash with federal bank debit card, because u know its easy and fast. And after I opened account in jupiter I started to use jupiter card for all transactions including in cdm, by this I have to carry only one card instead of two. It was working nice, but few months ago the when I was depositing cash in through cdm using jupiter card there is no option for deposit, only showing other options like withdraw, balance check etc. I thought it was because of problems in the cdm. Later I started noticing people still depositing their cash in that cdm. Then I took my federal bank debit card and tried to deposit. And it was working. Why jupiter card is not supported in federal cdms? Why? I need that service…

I believe some of the linkages with Federal Bank are still in the works. I am assuming this is similar to the netbanking request. I was reading a thread where some of the initial users were able to sign up for netbanking with limited features and then most of the users could not sign up at all.


Any update? Is it working now

Yes. Here is the list of ATMs where it will not give an issue

Note - this post is dated and since then withdrawal issues should have stabilised

Sir, The query is about Cash Deposit (CDM) options in Federal bank ATMS and not withdrawal I think. :eyebrow:

My apologies. Cash deposit will need to happen at a federal bank atm only.

Is it working with Jupiter card? From any federal Bank CDM

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I think it’s working

Given that the post is from 2022, I believe the mentioned feature was present there in the past. However, as pointed out by @Hasil, the feature may no longer be available as there is a high chance it’s withdrawn now. :eyebrow: :eyebrow: Just a strong feeling so.
I Will confirm and say tomorrow, as there is a Federal ATM/CDM nearby.

Normally we all have an offline bank account other than a Jupiter bank account… i deposit my cash in an offline bank and then self-transfer it to my jupiter bank account in my case :slightly_smiling_face:


Same for my case . I use to load money in SBI through CDM. And transfer it to Jupiter.
So I guess it will be good if Jupiter card can also be used to deposit money using CDM .

then what’s the purpose of charging debit card even the virtual card? If they charging, they should provide good features. Another incident occurred frw months ago, I was going to deposit in my jupiter bank account through federal bank physical branch. but after they checked, they said they won’t accept deposit for jupiter account. Then why they charging, u can’t add ur card in gpay for tap n pay, u can’t use in cdm(don’t know abt current situation, i have to recheck), no cashbacks or rewards for basic users, then why??

Hasil, the frustration can be fathomed especially when things do not work out as planned. Having said that, as users we will need to extend this understanding towards Jupiter that they fall under the Neo Bank category and not all features available to a traditional bank account holder may be available. I also respect the fact that at times when comparisons are drawn between Jupiter and Fi, there may be certain facilities available with Fi that are not available with Jupiter and vice versa.

That’s a valid point here @Hasil …Let’s wait for the future updates…Jupiter won’t disappoint us🥰


yes u r right. A neo bank shd give more features that help their customers. Hope they will…


If any person wants to Jupiter as a primary bank? You can saw their is a topic also created by a person.

Then you can also use sbi yono app … It’s have all features

Right as a neo bank they are charging like a traditional Bank… It’s very disappointed… Only 5 imps is free only… Debit card charges aslo high as compared they given offer only for Jupiter customer…

And a big problem with Neo Bank account block or freezing issue… Thanks god i haven’t feels with Jupiter… One great point… But I’m facing this problem with fi… They blocked credit on my account someday… They they’re demanding lot’s of private data via email… So i don’t give… Then one month after they reopen my account automatically… Without any reason… They just saying federal Bank official checked my account and don’t found anything wrong… So they unblocked :rofl::rofl: idk why they are doing like this

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Sani, as we move ahead in this journey, I am convinced quite a lot of feedback that community provides will get addressed. And that’s when some of the sacrifices or work arounds that we use today will fill worth it.

Accounts getting blocked- in some of the threads we’ve seen, while users have mentioned their side of the story, we do not know the other side of it.

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Im already using SBI YONO :slightly_smiling_face: