Building Investments on Jupiter | What do you think? 🛠️

Hey all,

We’re looking to build Investments in the Jupiter app. But for us to build a solution we first want to know what is the problem. And for this, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

How can you help?
Let’s get started with a simple poll. This will help us understand what your biggest pain points are.

Question: What’s a challenge you face with Investments?

  • No surplus money to invest
  • Don’t know how to get started
  • I’m afraid of losing my money
  • Too time consuming
  • Any other? Comment below

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We’d love to hear what you think!


Investment is too broad a term. FD and Crypto are on the opposite poles when considering the risk.

I belong to the “I’m afraid of losing my money” gang.


Phonepe has an option for SIP but I did not liked it mainly because of too much ads, banners and cluttered UI. And also for flexibilty I chose the ETF route with Zerodha.

But if you want to integrate investments inside jupiter make it in such way where the UI is clean, easy tracking of investments, say NO to unwanted banners that you currently keeping in the homepage under the section “Do more on Jupiter”.

And for investment offerings allow the user to choose between various index funds or if you really want to offer limited funds then go with lowest expense ratio.

My previous post for context.


I recently got interested in the crypto market and I have been trying to invest, however, there is limited support from Indian Banks with crypto exchanges. Jupiter being a Bank, can try to negotiate with these exchanges (Like Vauld, Binance, etc) and facilitate transactions to and from the crypto exchanges which many banks are avoiding at the moment, thus seizing the opportunity and bridging the gap.


I tried activating this. Unfortunately the mutual funds I do have are tied to a different email ID.

I use Stacks to manage my frugal investments. And I try diversifying my logins with different emails for privacy reasons.

Jupiter insists on sending the email to the one I got, which is incorrect. So long story shot, I never get the investment process done.


Yes! The only reason I use mobikwik is to deposit money into CoinDCX. I would never use it otherwise.


Man I haven’t heard about mobikwik in years. Glad to know they are still alive.

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Guys crypto assets are still in a grey area. No one can certainly tell it’s exact future. So I personally don’t want crypto asset class as a part of Jupiter.


Personal opinion, to me crypto’s always been a Ponzi scheme.
Not a hardcore investor, but I do prefer tangible legit investments. And I’d love to see Jupiter let me play with those.

Avoid using Stack. It’s a regular mutual fund not direct.


Hi, could you help me with the difference? I’m new to this.

For context (if it helps):

Right now, my two plans appear to be:

ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund Growth and
IDFC Ultra Short term fund regular growth. Stack’s split my payments into two, so it’s 50% each.

Regular plan basically charges additional commission that you have to pay to the middle man. In this case the middle man is Stack. Now-a-days there are many brokers are offering direct plan where you don’t have to pay any commissions as direct plan the name implies there’s no middle man here your directly investing in the said Mutual fund. So my suggestion would be to use platforms like Zerodha Coin, Groww, ETmoney etc,.

Link to understand more - Mutual fund Expense Ratio, Direct, and Regular plans – Varsity by Zerodha


Ahh shoot. I did download Groww. Bought a few stocks to wet my feet and test the waters. Think I should bail completely on Stack n move over?

But I love the Ui though lol. You do make a valid point, my friend.

Bonus question: when I tried withdrawing, I can only see 45% of the cash in the options. Stack doesn’t tell me what’ll happen to the rest. Why tho?


Link added to my previous comment to understand more about mutual fund.

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I agree FD and Crypto are two opposite poles.

If you had a mutual fund investment option where you won’t loose money, what else would be your concerns?

Also, a bit curious have you ever tried or thought about making any investments?


How did you get started with ETF route?

Also, what was your first investment? Would love to hear about your experience on how you got started making investments. :smile:

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@debbh Was cryptocurrency your first investment? Did you try any other investments before? Would love to hear how you got started.

Hi @nateavi

Can you tell me what difference are you trying to understand?

Never mind looks like Ranjeth answered it. :smile:

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Answer to your first question: It depends on value you’re getting out of it. If it’s less than what other market solutions offers, ideally you should move.

To answer your second question:

Ideally you should be able to withdraw all money unless there is some sort of lock in period or exit load on your investments.

I can give a better answer if you can share details on what option you’re trying to withdraw.


Nope, I haven’t invested in Crypto as of yet. My first investment was about 1 month ago in the Indian stock market. I went with Zerodha as a broker. Being a student, I try to invest whatever spare change I end up having. At the moment I have only invested about 14k, but I did do my homework diligently and hopefully the stocks I picked will get good returns helping me understand the market better when I have more money to invest.

I wanted to try out crypto for the same reasons. I.e. learning and exploring the field, however I have not started investing in crypto yet. There is quite a big hurdle in front of us from the banking side as they are not cooperating with the exchanges. This is where I would be really happy if Jupiter took up an initiative to ease transactions with crypto exchanges.