(Completed) Lab test #13 - Investments tab 2.0

Hi Community,

We’ve been working on revamping the investments dashboard and are happy to introduce the - Investment tab 2.0 :party_parrot:

It’s our latest investment home screen. This is available to all @Jupiterlabs users.

What's new?

  • Easy product discovery: You will be able to easily discover the product offering on the Investment home page and quickly navigate through MF Explore, Gold, and FD.

  • Total current value across investment products: You will be able to view the total current value on the investment Home page. The total current value will be the summation of the current values of Mutual Funds, Gold, and FD.

  • Critical updates and actions: You will be able to quickly see the updates and action information on the Investment Home page.

Why the change?

  • Monotonous: Investment home page was monotonous - it seemed like a mutual fund explore page rather than an Investment Home page.

  • Product discovery: The discovery of FD and Digital gold was limited to spotlight cards.

How to get started?

Just download app version >= 2.0.15 or update the app to the latest version.

Best reviews get 🎁

We would like to reward Jupiter lab testers for their hard work. We like to shape the product with our Community folks.

The Investments team will pick 5 value-adding reviews in the comment section below. The 5 reviewers will be rewarded with 200j each.


  • You will need to be part of the Jupiter Labs group in the Community.
  • Your review should be in the comments below.

Test duration

  • Users registered for Jupiter Labs on or before March 28th, 2023, will be eligible to test.
  • The team will announce the results of chosen reviews on April 30th, 2023

Looking forward to your feedback!


Hi @Jitender_Singh , In Assets tab under Money, you are showing Mutual Funds. There, amount from Mutual funds invested via Jupiter and external funds is displayed.

I don’t want to have the amount invested from External funds be displayed here. There should be an option to disable it which you currently don’t have.

I have asked for this long back, and I was informed that it will be addressed. But, nothing is done for that till now.

I uploaded CAS which has all my investments just to see what analysis you are giving. I was not informed that the investment amount will be displayed everytime in the app.

This is distracting for my experience with the app.

Please fix this.


Here are my observations for the revised investment tab.

  1. From a UI perspective, this is refreshing. The smaller icons were a bit boring.
  2. The idea of providing an consolidated view definately helps.
  3. The navigation buttons are working as expected.
  4. The numbers terms of absolute returns and % returns also show the correct value. Never had a doubt, still checked it to be sure :blush:.
  5. Like the idea of providing updates on mutual fund transactions that are in process. If possible, an update on the upcoming SIPs especially about the ones started via Jupiter would help from a UX perspective as it will reduce the time taken to reach the mutual fund section of the app to look for those details.
  6. When user chooses to view the investment value and then switches to a different screen & returns to the investment screen, the value is not hidden. It is still visible. If it is possible, I’d recommend that value to be hidden again. Just helps from peeping Tom perspective.
  7. On clicking the mutual fund option, user lands on the explore mutual funds screen. The settings cog on the top right hand corner takes the user to the investment account details section and the same settings cog in the dashboard screen of mutual funds takes the user to my account screen. Ideally even from here, the user should be taken to the investment account details screen.
  8. Using the back arrow on the app and the native back button of the phone, does stump the app as it takes longer for the app to go back.

My thoughts on the Revamped Investment tab.

  1. New UI is looking good and refreshing.
  2. New On Investment - I like the updated features showing, but the banner which is under “New on Investment” should’ve been smaller.
  3. Explore Mutual Fund shouldn’t be on the Homepage of Investment Tab.
  4. Learn with Jupiter - It is a great initiative that gives understanding and investing made easy, But again, the bigger icon is not looking good.
  5. Dialogue box of “Congrats, you can now start investing in Mutual Funds! :raised_hands: shouldn’t be showing every time on Investment Homepage.

I had a look into the new Investment tab and it looks refreshing.

  1. The only thing which i felt is missing is a quick link to current SIPs which will be coming soon.
  2. The color of learn with jupiter cards is lavender when you click on view all and on the investment page its white. Which is inconsistent in my opinion.

Otherwise its hard to find any faults in it . Keep up the good work team :raised_hands:


@hemanthchandra62 Feedback taken. We are reviewing the current tracking mutual fund feature and will share an update in a few days.

@yagnesh01 Thank you for the valuable feedback. We are already working on more updates on investment products as you suggested showing upcoming SIPs. We have already started working on the feedback you shared. You will see all this resolved in the next update.

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@Satyajit_Singh Feedback noted. We will work on this.


@Abhishek_Ulayil Feedback taken! Quick links to “MY SIPs” and “Upcoming SIPs in updates” are work-in-progress.


We noticed a few things on the investments tab and this needs further testing.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback @here

The testing duration has been extended to April 30th.

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Hi Jitendra, observed this issue regarding tracking of external funds where the pop up to track funds is coming up for funds invested via Jupiter.

The video has the details -

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@yagnesh01 Thanks for sharing. Will get this fixed.


@here Hello testers,

The lab test #13 - Investments tab 2.0 has now come to an end. It will be live to a larger audience :toggle_on:

Thanks again for helping us test this. The team has looked into the feedback given by the testers here. It gave us some ideas too!

For the selection of reviews, we have : @yagnesh01 @Satyajit_Singh @Abhishek_Ulayil @hemanthchandra62

You folks will be getting 200j each. :jewel:

Congratulations! :clap:

See you all in the next Lab test.



I am glad to have been able to help. Appreciate it.


Is the black bar at the bottom of this page a bug or an intentional design? @Shawnpinto

Good catch @ManishSaini , the video helps.
I wasn’t able to find a black bar. However, there is a grey bar at the very bottom.

Is anyone seeing the black bar on the MF page? :thinking:

Grey or black is of one color or the other, isn’t it? I want to know whether this is a design made by you guys or is it a bug?