(Completed) Lab test #5 - Money Tab revamp! 📊

Hi everyone @Jupiterlabs

We are super excited to bring you another lab test - this time it is a revamp of our Money Tab! :dollar: We decided to restructure it to make it more engaging and more valuable in helping you get full clarity of your finances. The tab is split into 3 key sections - Networth, Spending and From Spaceman.

Edit: New money tab is now live for all users! :rocket:

The aim of this section is to help you get a complete picture of your networth (your assets minus your liabilities) in the long term :earth_americas:. Under assets, you can see all your balances, your mutual funds and pots balances. Under liabilities, you can see all your active loans.
For networth, help us answer these: :point_down:

  • How well does this section solve the aim of giving you the big picture?
  • How is the UI / UX?
  • Is “networth” a concept that is unfamiliar? How can we help make it simpler?
  • What other assets would you like to track? (ex - stocks, crypto, real estate, cash etc)
  • What other liabilities would you like to track? (ex- credit cards, BNPL, money owed to friends)
  • What else can you think of that will make this section better?

The aim of this section is to help you take control of your finances in the short term :muscle:. Here you can see your spending via Jupiter, along with your top categories. Scroll left to see spending in previous months.
For spending, help us answer these: :point_down:

  • How well does this section solve the aim of giving you short term visibility and control?
  • How is the UI / UX?
  • Would it be useful to track spending across accounts, not just Jupiter?
  • Would you also want to track credit card spending here?
  • What else can you think of that can make the section better?

From Spaceman, for You
The aim of this section is to provide helpful and relevant content that can help users get even stronger with financial wellness :rocket:. Here you will see some Pro Tips, some fun facts (Did you know) and even some interesting data. We’re working on useful insights / personalised recommendations that will later be added here too.
For the spaceman section, help us answer these: :point_down:

  • Did you find the information here useful? Did you find it interesting?
  • How is the UI / UX?
  • What other kind of content would you put here?

Sorry for the long post everybody, we were just too excited to share this with you and get your feedback! :relaxed: Any and all thoughts would be super appreciated! Happy testing! :test_tube::tada:


This acts like a mini dashboard!
Earlier, I had to scroll down a bit. Now I don’t have to :slight_smile:


@Yash_Kewalramani Yes it is working fine…

On clicking
Liabilities> on demand salary “explore button”

It prompts me a dialogue " allow jupiter to access credit info"
When i click agree and continue, it just loops the same dialogue.

Not sure if its a bug or feature… :sweat_smile:

Overall it looks neat :zap::zap:. Money out in last months is really good. I really liked to all my assets in a single place. Eventhough many of my banks are not supported by AA :upside_down_face:

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This is super cool. Loved it. Got a tad confused by my total assets, cause it found a BNPL loan and tallied it together. :sweat_smile:

But woof, this indeed looks very super cool n well thought out. Keep up the good work, gang!

The user interface is slick n simple. Easy to figure out.

Spending is awesome. Love how it condenses my spends into simpler to understand %. I’d appreciate it if we could figure out adding in piecharts to it tho.

Or maybe send us monthly emails with reports on insights + pie charts!

“From spaceman” feels like a lite trivia. It’s cool. Anything is better than nothing. Definitely better than wasted space. Hope to see more such trivia over time. Maybe someday you can sneak in reports About my investment portifolio- daily snippet on losses n gains made?

The recent UI revamp makes me wanna bail out of Fi and comeback lol. But I still can’t until you guys add in a competitor to FIT rules / keep the change.


Kinda liked this for sure. Keep them coming! Can include the links to ‘Finforall’ and other relevant content you share on Jupiter social down the line :+1:

Also, imagine this section showing data insights gained and nudging users to make a smart move! :ok_hand:

Slowly and steadily, Jupiter is becoming more insightful and eye pleasing! Kudos, to the team. :partying_face:


It looks like Balance Sheet of our Financial data :zap: :zap: :zap:

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For me it is showing error

Oops something went wrong

Hi, from UX perspective, I want to be able to go to pots screen in least number of taps. Can you make it so that I get to choose app starts in which tab? For example, I want the app to launch in “Money” tab by default. That would be so cool.

Also could you please make launch times faster? It’s pain to wait for the app to open when I have to do UPI payments real quick :frowning:

Other than that, the app is really really good!

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@SHEIKH_AZHARUDDIN How is it right now? :thinking:

@toxicdesire Hey!
I’m with you for the least number of taps :blob:
There’s a button called pots on the home page, this should take you directly to the pots section. There’s no need to navigate to the money tab and then click on pots.

The home page is the first thing our users get to see as it acts like a hub and shortcuts to other features and announcements. It’s like a quick glance at what you need to see.

We’re working on getting the app as quick as the flash! :zap:

Same error… unfortunately not able to take screenshot getting black screen

Let’s check this.

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Hey Azhar, can you confirm if you’re not able to see only the top section for money tracking, or is it that all the 3 sections are not loading for you?

Seems issue is fixed now…I see all the sections

Not able to navigate to Mutual fund page from Money tab. Getting blank screen

@Madhu We’ll check this. I’ll let you know if anything comes up. :blob_thanks:

@Aswin_Benny Yes, it’s a bug. We’re aware of this one.
This will be fixed in the next release. Ty for letting us know! :blob_thanks:

On the assets side, tracking the stocks holding would be an addition to be made. May be you can link Jupiter with the brokers out there like INDMoney does.

On the liabilities side, tracking credit card spends along with the spending category and tagging like in insights section would make it more attractive and user friendly.


Hey team,

Yessss it would be soo sooo good if you would track spends from credit cards and other accounts, this can be fetched from our messages we recieve or anything else you have up your sleeve !!! But if this is done, i have no reason to even install any other bank app, jupiter is love

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