Revamped spends tracking on Jupiter 📊

Hello everyone! :wave:

This is Simran! I’m a new worker bee at Jupiter :honeybee:

Am an engineer at heart, and apparently, those arteries are equally clogged with momo chutney, bhature, and all things quintessentially Delhi.

When not eating, she’s usually painting, posing for Instagram, or spending money online.

I am currently working on personal finance management and I’m here to tell you that our spends tracker widget just got a facelift!

What’s new?

A shiny new pie chart that shows you where all that money went! :money_with_wings:

Insights and recommendations for you to manage your money better! :bulb:


Recently live - Aggregated insights (April 5th, 2023 onwards)

How can you access it?

Scroll down to the bottom half of the home page and money tab, et voila!

P.S We’re rolling this out in a phased manner, so if you don’t already see this, give it a couple days!

What’s next? :motorway:

We want to improve your experience. That’s when we rely on our Community to guide us

So I ask you, how should we improve this experience further?

Some tips for how you can share your experience:

  • Accessibility
  • UI/UX experience
  • Did you find it easier to read your insights?
  • What are your thoughts on the recommendations?
  • Literally anything else that’s on your mind

Try it out!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!! :v:




The donut looks dope, and easy visualization of share of spends across categories, as compared to the horizontal lines that we had earlier.


This is SUPER DOOPER cool! Can’t wait to try my hands on it.

Can we also get monthly email alerts about spend habits? Maybe comparisons about how I did in Jan compared to December and maybe the prev six months?

Maybe sneak in a funny motivational quote.


I liked this feature. The money page becàme a lot cleaner and easy to understand the spendings… (But i dont visit money tab that much).

:melting_face: Clicking on the portions of diagram takes a little amount of time to respond( 1s or something)

Just a suggestion. After clicking a category like ‘shopping’ in the detailed view. Wouldnt it be useful if there is a graph like this? Could help user understand how much their spending has increased overtime in the same category


Whoo! Looks bomb :dizzy:


Aiyo, which app is that? Love the detailed insights. Graph is def a bonus.


@nateavi This also has paid version (no ads and pc support ).

Also see the different diagrams in the screenshots of playstore

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What are the permissions and information the app needs to track the expenses.


Nothing. We need to make entries manually

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I think there should an option where user can choose if he want to see his saving in pie chart format or graph format i would be awesome


@Simranjit_Bakshi, in the current version i am unable to view the insights at all. I am hoping when this does get pushed, I am able view it and provide some input.

@yagnesh01 Its available in latest version 2.0.10. It just shows pie chart and amount for that category. We can’t see the transactions in that category.

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I think you heard it wrong. I’m asking about this :point_down:


Can we make a option to scan with the front camera also…

I know this is not that much good idea. But my back camera is damaged and can’t do scan and pay in any of the apps . So if you can bring it . :grin::grin:

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@niranjan_kumar i have updated the app to the latest version. I still cannot access see the insights. All i see is the page loading screen.

@yagnesh01 It will show up soon. The update will be out in a phased manner.


Got it. For now, i need to figure out a way to get the insights section to even load. Will be raising a ticket for the same.


This seems great

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Coming very very soon!