Tags feature is live! 🚀

Have you been using the tags feature lately? It just came out a few days ago.
These tags can be used in filters under insights. You can custom-tag your transactions!

Adding a tag:
Tap on a transaction → details page → add a tag / select a tag

How to filter tags:
Filters on transaction history / Insights - money-in/out

Quick poll. We’re curious to know the spends you’ve been struggling to track!

  • Lunch
  • Chai/Coffee
  • Cabs
  • Bills
  • Fees
  • Something else? Let us know below!

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Oh and, if you had to custom tag your transactions, How would you name them? :thinking:

Eg: For cabs, I’d call it Uber/Ola or ride back home. Even though it’s the same thing, the terms used are different.

We’d like to automate the tags for you!
Let us know your thoughts on tags.


My most used custom tag is def gonna be “sutta” :sweat_smile:


Hahaha! Yes!
Question to you. Let’s say you’re purchasing it via different merchants/shops, would you still name it the same way?

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Yes! I’ll tag them the same.
I’ve set up similar custom tags for grocery, snack (yep, that’s a wide generalisation) and pet food.

Hopefully I’ll remember all of these. :sweat_smile:

Meanwhile can we work on getting a neat pie chart with the info about all of these spends and income by the month end? It’d be cool if we could see the report in the app, or via email…. Or both.

I got a thing for pie charts. They look phenomenal!


Pie charts…hmm.
Know any apps which do this? Kinda want to see a reference.


Needs to be fun and engaging, fo’shu.
Be lively and easy to give us that feel of physical money (That be awesome)

While doing my research I realised none of our competitors are doing this yet. Plenty of room to maneuvre and perfect this.

Here’s some references I dug up. Probably lame mock-ups, but should be good enough to give us a launch pad.


Looks like bills is the most struggled one.
What kind of bills to be specific? :thinking:

I think you can check any budgeting or money tracking app. It will be just a different visualization for Tracking Spends.


Checkout Wallet by Budgetbakers… its the best :ok_hand:

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Walnut was an app I used to use a lot in my droid days. It’d scan my sms to collate data on my bills and keep track of em.

Doesn’t work so well on ios because…… limitations :smile: so I left it.

It’s a good app for reference.


Here’s the play store link for walnut.

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I want to try Jupiter on iOS but can’t do that because can’t change mobile no on Jupiter!!

Walnut is a good app. It even allows to attach bill/receipt with transaction. Thats something which one of the digital bank I used does too. Its good feature!!

Just curious, if you wanted to create your own category of expenses/incomes, what would it be?
(Categories are the ones with icons)

and assume you made a transaction and your suitable category wasn’t there for it, would you have used tags for it? Do you see tags as a backup categorization?

Personally, I use tags only for my Zomato and Amazon as of now. Zomato because I rarely order food online as I usually go out to eat. This transaction will be considered as dining out.
I’d like to keep my online food spending separate, so tags helped me in this case. I marked those transactions as Zomato.

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I use tags in a similar fashion but quite a lot.
I think of them as sub-categories. After some initial frustration with why can’t I make my own category for this or that. I learnt to use tags.
It helps me organize better.
Let’s say grocery, now it has sub-categories[tags] like fruits, breakfast, e.t.c.
All my eating-outs are categorized as dining out but from that there is: lunch, dinner, with friends, e.t.c. as sub-categories[tags].
So the present categories with customizable tags works well for me.

One thing that bothers me about categories is that, once I categorize a certain payee as dining out, or shopping why doesn’t it auto-categorize it that way and let us manually edit it if we want. The current auto-categorization behaviour has a hit:miss ratio of 2:10 or so.


It seems some random tags appear when we select a category to aee the transactions. I guess only those tags should appear which are actually ‘tagged’ in the category otherwise it just waste time!!


@Shawnpinto correct me if my understanding is wrong ?

The ones that are tagged will show up in the filters, yes.
Those transactions that aren’t tagged, will have a default category that will fall under insights.

Tags are like an additional feature given to further label your transactions so you can track them easily.

The point I was raising is, when you choose category in insights and go inside category some tags appear which aren’t related to those transactions. is it usual behaviour ?

Hmm, do you mean the tags that are appearing on the top? Yes, it’s expected. It will show you all the tags you had created.

I tried to do this - Under insights, I wanted to check my shopping category so I clicked on it. In shopping, I was able to see my online and offline store spends.

Then I clicked on the Amazon tag and I was able to see all my amazon transactions in the shopping category for March.