Better demonstration of tags

Hey team,

Please can we think of an enhancement here as below

Currently, we see that, we can add custom tags to any transaction in jupiter money, we also can search transactions via a tag we filter, but i really really hope that the app shows total money spent or recieved by this tag too, currently we can only filter, we have to manually calculate and add up to see how much we spent, it would be extremely helpfull if app sums it up and shows per tag !


This is actually pretty cool.
I’d like to know how much I spend on food (Eg: App wise - Tag named as Zomato) if its filtered with tags!
@Lakhan_Suchdev Thoughts? :blobthink:

@Shawnpinto @Lakhan_Suchdev please update on the enhancement request, i see this as a very good to have feature, else tags wouldnt be fully utilized

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Hi @Krishhrao, thanks for highlighting this. This is actually present in our roadmap to improve on the tagging & filtering experience.

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Cooooool lakhan,

Do you have any tentative timelines of golive?