Spending Category

Well i have an idea about category tags while we spend money. Jupiter can implement custom category so all of us can make our own category according to our needs. It will be a awesome feature. Some apps are giving this only like wallet, ezmoney , etc. all of these are money managing apps. But i have problem with these apps is that i have to every put amount and category and everything manually in every transaction. Thats too much annoying. Custom Category feature will make some difference in our Jupiter.

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Suggested this long back. But the team is not at all in favour of implementing this.

As of now, categories are limited but tags are customizable.

You can create any number of tags with text of your choice.

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It means i will not get this feature :sob:

But in tags we have to add tag everytime with same spelling. If any spelling error occur it will become new tag.

That is true :blobthink:
Speaking of which, which category would you like to have though?

Wanted to know your use cases.

For example, I get interest income on savings account, dividends on shares, Professional fees, referral incomes etc.
there are no categories for such things at all.

Got it. How do you currently categorize these types of transactions though?
I’m assuming you keep them in Finance/misc and tag them with custom names?

Yes. Mostly under miscellaneous with tag names.
For someone like me who receive professional fees from clients which is a major source of income, am categorising it under miscellaneous.
And if any profits from share trading, if I withdraw it, categorising under investments.

One more point, if I select multiple tags to filter, it doesn’t work. Have to select single tag only to filter. This isn’t how exactly filters should work right.