Ability to create custom Categories

The current system of categorization is great but it lacks some major features.

  1. Certain categories are vague. Like ‘Finance’. Instead, having categories like Deposit/FD, Lending, Investment Withdrawal, Mutal Funds/Equity, etc. is helpful

  2. The ability to create custom categories. The tags feature is there but having custom categories could actuallly help with tracking spending accurately. Also, the tags feature is not available for connected banks.

  3. The recent payments/payment categorization could appear in the Payments tab instead of in the Money tab. It seems logical to tag, categorize and manage payments from where I actually make payments.

  4. The money tab could host features like tracking all my investments (FDs, MFs, EQ, US stocks, P2P Lending, Bonds, EPF, PPF, NPS; tracking my liabilities. These could be external as well as Jupiter based investments.


I agree with this too. I have too posted the same things few days back. Need them for better experience. @Shawnpinto

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We’re gonna explore this :tick:
@harpreetvishnoi Check out point 4! :open_mouth: