Able to add custom categories to track your spends

Allowing users to add custom categories depending on their spending activity so that tracking expenses becomes more accurate.

Instead of only making users stick to available fixed overheard, let them create a their own category of money spent.

For example I sent some money as gift and didn’t know under what available category I should classify it.

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I’d love to add “sutta” as a category :pleading_face:

@Shawnpinto pls make this happen.

There’s no way on planet Jupiter we’re naming a category named Sutta :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure you’ve been using a tag though.
@Jewel_john Since the categories are limited to users, we’ve introduced tags.
These act as labels for your transaction and can be filtered under insights.

You can create as many custom tags as you want.

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How about “Carbon monoxide” expense?

lol! I see what you did there Nate :stuck_out_tongue: