Ability to create new spend category

It would be great if we have ability to create a new spend category. Currently, we are only limited to provided category. Although, it covers almost all things possible but there could be need to create a new personal category.

Every individual user can have their own personal categories. This would really help to manage the
spend more accurately.


@Shaik_Saifuddin True. What kind of other categories do you have in mind? :thinking:


@Shawnpinto categories which I want to create are mostly like sub-categories of already existing categories in Jupiter. For example,

  • For pets, I have two pets a cat and a dog. I want to track the spend differently for both. So I need two different categories one for each.
  • For finance, I like to track differently the spends on my mutual funds and crypto.
  • For Dining out, I like to track differently the dinner spend with my family and with my friends.

There could be other independent spends as well, like

  • A different category for spends I do with my girl friend.

I like to divide my spends as much as possible, it helps me create an accurate budget for next month.


This is a good idea @Shaik_Saifuddin!
If sub categories did exist, it might effect insights a bit. I’ll let our product team know. Thanks though!
Oh and if you’ve seen any other apps/reference which does something similar, do share them :slight_smile: