Option to add Custom category for spends / money out

There are by default plenty of spend categories are present currently.

But I wish could be an option to add a custom spend category to enhance the spending insight!

For example,

  1. I’m a student so there I can add an option to combine my all stationary, book and all other study material spendings.
  2. Also currently there’s only transport category is available, so if I add an additional fuel category I can differentiate between spending on transport as other and fuel as my personal car and bike expenses.
  3. And there’s maintenance of bike, car which are also a huge spending.

And many more other possibilities.

It can unlock a powerful insight to someone and budgeting on point!

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@Aashishpatil Interesting use case! Sharing this with the team :slight_smile:

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Will be super-helpful, and I’ll be super-glad if this happens! Thanks in advance! :innocent: