Community update | June 2023 📢

Hello Community! :wave:

We’re back with more monthly updates for June’23 & a recap :bell:
For this edition, we will have revamps, additional features, and some exciting news for everyone :newspaper_roll:

Insights and money management :dollar: :bar_chart:

:alert: Spoiler alert :alert:
Monthly insights coming soon :eyes:

Wait… is that a bar graph? :bar_chart:
The insights team is working on a bar graph model for displaying monthly spends.
It will show your total spends, your average, and an interesting insight.

Once you swipe to the left, you get to see the pie chart.
These will be your top spends categories for that month

Pots tab design revamp :teapot:

We liked some of the suggestions given by our members and we picked up:

Coming soon

  • An option to show more pots based on goals
  • An option to edit the pot banner with predefined choices.
  • An option to pin/favorite pots.
  • We’re checking if we can re-order pots.

Here are some mock ups, they’re not final.

Daily & Weekly SIPs in over 250 funds exclusively on Jupiter :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Coming soon:

  • SIPs help you maintain investing discipline. Also, investing a fixed amount every month helps you average your unit costs and manage risk from market movements. But why average your cost only 12 times a year, when you can do so 365 times a year with daily SIPs?

  • Running out of money for your monthly SIPs? With daily & weekly SIPs, you can invest smaller amounts and maintain your investment discipline. For example, by investing Rs. 100 every day instead of Rs.3000 monthly, you can ensure that you invest at least a part of your investment, instead of missing out on your SIP entirely.

Here are some WIP designs :art:

Enhanced SIP management :hammer_and_wrench:

Coming soon:

  • Pause your mutual fund SIPs for upto 3 months and resume at your convenience
  • Modify your SIPs

Buying Digital Gold on Jupiter

  1. Soon, we will have a price chart :bar_chart:
    We’re also making some tweaks to the design,

  1. We are also working on an option to buy physical gold! :sparkles:

Do Money right :sunglasses:

A section for all your money related tasks. Be in control of your Money.

Pay to Contacts :phone:

This feature is one of our most requested features and it’s almost ready!
In a few weeks, we will have another lab test.

Lab testers will get access to Pay to Contacts first. Best reviewers will be selected and :jewel: will be given accordingly.

Get ready, testers!

Jupiter 2.0 | Home Page revamp

With the latest app version 2.1.0, we have a New Home Page!
The new version is being rolled out, you should be seeing it soon.

Test it our and share your thoughts with the team. Join the Conversation - Jupiter 2.0 | New Home Page 🏠

Categorisation - Boxes :package: or Pills? :pill:

We’ve asked our Community which design format was better.

Looks like we got a winner!
Boxes and grids it is.

Which one do you think is the better choice here? :thinking:
Vote here - Improving your categorisation experience

Credit Cards :credit_card:

It’s slightly delayed. The internal team is currently testing it out and we’ve found out more challenges to solve. We need to make sure it’s as perfect as possible before we roll it out to the Community members.

If there’s a new update, you can find it here - Co branded CC

Community Council :busts_in_silhouette:

And finally, we are starting another initiative on the Community - Community Council.
5 members have been selected based on contribution to join the Council.

Meet our Council members - @yagnesh01 @razack @saurabh.s @Aswin_Benny @Abhishek_Ulayil :raised_hands:

The council members will be responsible for how the Community operates. We take decisions together and moderate when needed, along with the Community team.

We wanted to make our top contributors feel special by adding them to company/brand decisions :orange_heart:

There will be more updates later.

We’ve reached half of 2023! Time flies :grimacing:
Catch you all in the next roadmap update.



internet banking feature not available till time as a lab tester I’m unhappy because there is long standing request feature but still not full fill my wish

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@AaR1 The net banking system is marked as shipped as per the road map. Have your tried registering on the federal bank’s portal?

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The features being planned for the role out are such that is difficult to pick one to be excited about. It’s going to be an exciting few months ahead.


If you have faced issues with it, strongly suggest you report this via the support channels. This will help Jupiter track such issues to closure

Wow…That’s sound like a 4 x 100 relay :grinning:
Just like the majority of people here, I’m eagerly waiting for the launch of the Credit Card as well as the Pay to Contact feature. However, this doesn’t mean that I am not excited about the other updates and improvements.

Furthermore, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Jupiter Team for selecting me as one of the newly appointed community council members. I aspire to contribute even more to the community and this wonderful Jupiter family. I am aware that there are many members who possess greater expertise and are more deserving than myself. I hope the team will consider them for the next council reshuffle.
Thank you once again for granting me this extraordinary opportunity. :orange_heart: :orange_heart:

Any June update about this?

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This one looks interesting… :hushed: :hushed:


It has been live for quite some time now

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the Daily & Weekly SIP feature is a truly novel idea.
will wait to see how it comes to fruition.
might switch my SIPs to this mode from the next FY if this works fine enough.

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While it is very important to resolve these issues before opening access, with the Kiwi going to get launched this week as their app is already live now, I feel it would be very helpful if the team could give us a few details of the features and charges of the credit card.
As you can see, the whole community is also excited for kiwi launch and if jupiter has the same partner bank, then if someone gets kiwi card in a rush, for them to get jupiter CC would be delayed as banks have a cool off period before issuing the second card or for that case, some don’t even issue the second card.


It would indeed be a catch 22 situation especially if the confirmation comes in from Kiwi to initiate the final sign up. In terms of the platform where the app is launched I believe it has been launched for Android and not for IOS. Couldn’t find the app on the App Store.

Yes, exactly and we don’t wanna lose out the jupiter CC just because of some delay. Having details of features of the card would help the users wait till the issues get resolved.
And the kiwi team said that they will be launching the app for both Android and IOS, you might get it today on IOS

Will confirm here during the course of the day.

very valid point indeed.
reminds me of the time of Jupiter beta.
a lot of us had to wait for 3+ months because we’d opened fi account before.

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For some reason, Jupiter’s always lagging behind in launches.
Idk why.
Wanna seriously see Jupiter catching up. Please don’t take it as criticism, team.

This has not changed. The cooling off period is still 3 months. One of my employee is facing this situation.

Partner bank for Jupiter CC is federal bank or Axis bank???

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Has to be Federal Bank.

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Might be axis too and I wish it should be axis.
Eagerly waiting for the confirmation from the team.
Hope @Shawnpinto responds to my above post for which the whole community is waiting.

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