Improving your categorisation experience


I’m Manik from the Design Team :art:
I want to share a sneak peak on something which is cooking at the Categories section in your very own Jupiter app :eyes:

What’s coming?

The categorisation experience could be better and we’ve tweaked it a bit. However, we wanted our Community’s help in deciding what works best for you and us :slight_smile:

This is what it looks like right now:

How it could look like:

Grid and boxes

Rectangular pills

You can pick an option basis on which design makes it easier for you to find a category and how quickly it lets you find them.

Vote here :raising_hand:

  • Option 1 - Boxes & grid :package:
  • Option 2 - Rectangular pills :pill:
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  • This is WIP :hammer_and_wrench:
  • We’re also working on “remember the category” for future transactions - This was a suggestion given to us by many members :busts_in_silhouette:

Share your thoughts on why you have picked one option over another.
Looking forward! :slight_smile:


@Manik_Chugh Thank you for the sneak peek. I choose to vote for Grid and Boxes and for me continuity of the user experience was the key behind this choice.


Instead of categories, if the tags are shown after pot withdrawl. Itll be helpfull. Please bring this/tag for pot withdrawl transaction


Dear @Manik_Chugh sir, Welcome to our wonderful community :star_struck:
In my opinion, I find the grid and box design more appealing and unique compared to the rectangular pills. While rectangular categorization is common in many apps, I believe that the grid boxes have its own fanbase here in our community. :+1: :rofl:


Adding some thoughts.

Why boxes and grid?

  • More options to choose from
  • Less scrolling
  • May have too much on the screen at the same time (Lots of icons & text shown to you)

Why rectangular pills?

  • Not cluttered
  • Looks modern
  • Requires more scrolling because the pills are too large

Additional things we’re trying:

  • Show top categories that suits that particular transaction.
    Eg: You bought something on Amazon - Show Shopping on top to avoid scrolling
  • Show Titles for the categories for rectangular pills.

Well 52 votes till now and it seems to be a tight one :fire: :fire:
Thanks, Shawn for this detailed comparison. :+1:
While it’s true that the boxes and grid layout may appear crowded with numerous icons and text on the screen, I believe that almost 24 boxes/grids can fit comfortably on a typical phone screen (as per the above test screen).
Regarding the rectangular style you mentioned, it does require more scrolling to locate the appropriate category, and I doubt that most customers would be willing to invest their time in searching/scrolling down to find an apt category.

Forgot to mention earlier, Special thanks to the concerned team for considering this must-required feature. :+1: :+1:

This is very good, once you set a transaction under one category, it should automatically assign to that category by default.

I have a personal preference for the box & grid design. The box design, with its clean and structured aesthetic, effortlessly elevates the visual appeal.


Couldn’t agree more.

The popup to choose category after every transaction is frustrating. I would like my transactions to be auto categorised. If someone wants to edit the category, there can be an option to edit category.

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Thanks, Manish. In the coming weeks, when we release the newer version of categorization, there won’t be a pop-up option for selecting the category.

The goal is:

  • Show the categories on the payment success screen itself.
  • Auto categorise

The categorisation on payment is perfect as it helps to categorise right away after the payment without any delay and without forgetting.
Don’t remove it, please.

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Agree. The current category selection does help.

Anyway @Manik_Chugh When this going to be Live :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Bilal24, We are planning to push this out by Mid June, Keep a check on your app for updates.

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This is the best :ok_hand:t2:. Kudos @Shawnpinto for this mindset. With rapid evolution of transactions online, no one has time to categorize their spends. It would take quite an effort later to categorize such spends manually. Eagerly waiting for this feature implementation :blush::slightly_smiling_face:.


Heard it’s a few weeks away to release :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the support!

@Arokia_Raj do you prefer to have boxes(grid) or pills?

Both look good, but I always choose Box in the end.

I am Still awaiting for this feature hope it Releases soon

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Not Receiving any Jupiter Updates lately, I mean 2 Months