You Spend. We Categorize

We’ve upgraded how your spends are categorised. Now anytime you make a payment, we’ll automatically categorise it for you as travel, food, investments, or more. And, most importantly, remember your preference for category for a given payee! We not only remember it for future, but also suggest auto-categorizing transactions with that payee in recent past.

So at the end of every day, week, or month you know exactly where your money is going!

Ready to smartly categorise all your spends? Go to any transaction categorised as Miscellaneous or Transfers, from Money Tab > Detailed Insights, and update it’s category to your choice.

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Have you guys updated the Ui? Because it seems exactly the same for me except when editing the catagory.

@monologuing yes, the CX is focused on the ‘remember’ option on change of category, which runs the check on past such transactions too. In addition, we made a few model improvements, so you should see auto-categorisation performing better.

A lot more to be done to make categorisation more accurate, mostly P2P payments. This is a step in that direction. Try categorising your Miscellaneous and Transfers and let us know what else can be improved.

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One of the major issues i have with the app is definitely clutter, and the catagorisation page is no exception. It looks overwhelming. One thing that can be done to combat that, in my opinion, would be to shorten unnecessarily texts; such as
“Remember this transaction for future transaction with blah blah blah” instead of that, it can simply be “Remember this catagory?”