Categorisation of transactions

Can we have all transactions categorised so that it’s easier to track those expenses in the future?
Like I would like to know how much I spent on takeaway or can services?!


Yes that would be super helpful- and what about UPI transactions? Can I get those categorized as well? Or is it possible to have a manual categorization so that I quickly tap " Grocery" even though it is paid to a person?


Hey @paisa_paisa @AB_27 , Makes complete sense. Keeping a track of your expenses at a category level is what you are looking for. For a quick sneakpeak, I would recommend you’ll to check out our


Apart from regular transactions, would like two explore following two -
A. Can we split my ATM withdrawals into different categories (roughly estimated)
B. Can I manually add my cash expenses.

Either A or B would help complete my expenses


Basis the category of transaction - Smart suggestions on how that expense can be rationalized by unlocking a host of Partner offers e.g. Memberships which are Jupiter exclusives.

e.g. If majority of the expense is on Food and there is a goal to optimize it, the user can unlock exclusive benefits.


Categorization would be so perfect for students like us. The option to track our monthly expenses on FOOD, TRAVEL, FUEL, ENTERTAINMENT, SHOPPING would give us so much insight. The data on such categories would help us control our expenses which previously seemed impossible.

As well as the option of getting personalized offers from the analysis of our expenses was a necessity.

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Welcome to the community,
As I understand @Krishnan is also mentioning the same, seems like more people are thinking on the same lines.
Categorization, and rewards basis category with the highest expenses or the one the user would want to save on!

Would it be Possible to categorize the credit transactions as well? Starting from a simple cash deposit to income from dealing in shares?
If there are repeated transactions , would it be possible for the user to categorize it once. Later the system can use that information to categorize even a credit transaction?

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It would be much more helpful for a user to have a shared expense tracker(like going trip, monthly expense sharing, etc) along with expense manager and categorization. For example, there are exclusive apps to do this like tricount, splitwise etc. If this feature is a part of a single platform, in many ways it becomes handy and will provide increased user experience.

Would like to have transactions and summaries categorised exactly like the app folder structure on our home screens: Subscriptions, grocery, travel, ecommerce, luxury spends, loan repayments/ premiums and so forth…

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+1 for upcoming payments like sips and subscriptions

Ind wealth just launched a tracker for current balances and expenses as well - they don’t categorize nicely but I think it’s right now in the first draft.